Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wear Your Scarf As a Shirt Tutorial Part II

More scarf as shirt ideas!  Did you miss Part I?  Click here for other ideas.  See Cee and Elle totally rock scarf as shirt looks :)

Note - tie your knots securely and wear a tank underneath to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions!

For square, silky scarves:
Ring Halter

How To:
1.  Slip the top 2 corners through a scarf ring (or regular ring)
2.  Pull the corners through until you have enough to double knot behind your neck
3.  Arrange the front draping to your liking
4.  Double knot the bottom ends around your waist

For long, rectangular scarves:
Crossover Halter

How To:
1.  Center and wrap the left top end around the right side of your neck.
2.  Repeat with the other end.
3.  Tie a double knot behind your neck.
4.  Tuck the ends and belt to secure.

Variations (L to R) to Crossover Halter: Twist the ends before tying behind the neck.
Add a scarf ring (or a regular ring) to the ends before tying behind the neck.
Tie the ends before tying behind the neck.

I think I like the Ring Halter and 4th variation of the Crossover Halter best :)  Will you be trying any of these?


  1. Umm... I'm totally stealing halter #1 for one of my 30x30 outfits! Thank you thank you, SPG!

  2. Cee - Ooh can't wait to see it! You looked gorgeous in the 1st version so can only imagine how you'll rock it this time :)

  3. oh my gosh, these are amazing. i'll try the next time i get dressed, lol. we're actually painting, well, everything. bedroom, living room, study, kitchen, bathroom and dining room. hoping to have 4/6 done soon so i can post some before and after pics (well, i hope they're done for other reasons, but you know what i mean :))

  4. Heck yes I will be trying this!! This entry made me giddy with excitement! =P

    Just wish we could have seen this on you with the belly! =D

  5. Of course I'll try! These are very useful tips I just hope that I won't be messing up as usual!

  6. These are very creative! I can only imagine when someone asks you where you got your cool top--only to find out it's a scarf!

  7. This is AMAZING!!! I so want to try this out...ok but you say to wear a tank underneath to prevent wardrobe malfunctions (which is sooo smart) but doesn't that take away from the look?

  8. Hi,
    I found your blog and I love your DIY projects, you're absolutely amazing!

    I'm definitely going to try the scarves as shirts. Where did you get that blue and white rectangular scarf?

  9. i love this idea and i have one silk scarf i'll have to try and use for this tutorial. thanks!

    cute & little
    come check out the Color Brigade!

  10. Thanks for the post. I really love your DIY projects. This one looks easy and I just want to try it tonight. ;)

  11. I"m with you SPG. I like #1 and the last cross over. Inspiring DIY ideas!

  12. OMG I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! you are so talented.. i never know how to wear scarves.. because they always seem to ladylike bordering matronly..but these are so fresh i love it! i'm going to try these!

    oh girl do not tell me about a gucci outlet.. the last thing i need.... hahahahhaha.

  13. thanks for sharing! I have a few scarfs that I can try this out on this weekend :D

  14. Wow, this looks amazing! I'll definitely try this out!

    xo Grace

  15. Purses and Puppies - Thank you so much! Looking forward to the pics! Are they drastic color changes where you have to do a lot of priming? For our son, we had to paint over super bright pink walls to make it a calmer aqua color.

    LePetiteLemon - LOL - you are too sweet! I don't think these looks would stay closed over my belly at the moment haha!

    Francesca - Glad you'll be trying these out - I hope it works out for you!!

    Lottie - Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting!

    Cat - Thank you!! I just love all the great prints that scarves come in so I'm glad there's a different way to feature them :)

    Elaine - Thanks so much! I've typically paired them with blazers and cardigans but that was back when it was early spring and still pretty chilly. Maybe if you wear a tube top or bandeau bra? Or you can always wear it like a beach cover-up.

    Anonymous - Oh thank you so much for your kind words! I got the rectangular scarf from the Banana Republic outlet a little over a year ago. I hope you're able to find something similar!

    Kileen - Thank you! I'd love to see how it works out for you!

    Fashion and Number - Thanks doll! Hope it works and would love to see it! :)

    Aubrey - Thanks so much!! I hope someday you do wind up starting a blog - I'd love to see your looks!

    Lisa - You are too sweet! And LOL about the Gucci outlet - I actually wind up purchasing quite a few gifts from there like Guccissima keychains and scarves :)

    Pop Champagne - Yay, hope they work out well!! Would love to hear about it :)

    Grace - Thanks so much! Let me know how it goes! :)

  16. Ohh I gotta try these!! I did my own wear a scarf as a shirt last week...but it just looked so ghetto, not sure if I'm going to post the pics! Your's actually looks like shirts where mine looks like I draped a scarf over my body cuz I ran out of clothes to wear!


  17. Hi! Love these tops! I linked back to this post in my round-up DIY with scarves: I hope you don't mind!




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