Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sewing a Bright Summery DIY Dress

Though summer hasn't officially started yet, the temps have hit 90+ degrees already for the past week or so.  Last week, the office suffered an AC snafu resulting in a ridiculously stuffy and hot building (well, at least for me) thus prompting me to think that I need many more flowy sun dresses for my wardrobe :P

I found this cute, sheer floral at Joann's and thought it would make a perfect dress option.  I've been having luck lately at Joann's - especially when I head to one specific location with an incredibly well-organized and well-stocked clearance section.  You know I love a good deal!

Dress:  DIY Bright Floral Sun Dress
Belt:  Old Navy Bronze Bow Belt in Croc Print
Shoes:  Gucci d'Orsay Camel Pumps

The dress actually uses the same pattern (McCall's M5654 View B) as this one below but the straps are in a different configuration:

I love that this pattern provides a fitted top portion with a flowy bottom that can be left alone or belted.  Do you ever buy/make the same item in different colors and variations?


  1. what a lovely fabric print! I always thought you had a knack for picking pretty prints...if you ever decide to become a fashion designer, I think your niche should totally be prints, haha. And yes, I always buy things of the same style/shape in different colors...just bought a dress at Target of same style in 2 different colors.

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  3. fabulous print!! I made a skirt last summer but have always wanted to make a maybe this summer! and yes! If i like the style of a shirt or something i buy it in many colors

  4. Beautiful print for a summer-y dress! I'm glad you're doing ok in the heat; it really has been a scorcher lately. Stay as cool as you can :)

    PS - You're so stylish (and brave) for wearing heels while pregnant!

  5. Pretty! I really envy your sewing skills! You can just solve your own problems and make your own clothes to suit your needs! Yay! You're a gorgeous pregnant woman. :)
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  6. 90+ degrees, eh? We aren't even getting any of that here in California! Well, not at my end at least. It's not even past 70 degrees here. :/

    The dress you made totally looks like something one could get in stores! I like how often you seem to be able to complete DIYs! I have too many unfinished projects but you definitely inspire me to keep on truckin'! I think I recall in a previous long-ago entry that you had only been sewing for a year? DANG!!! To be able to make so many dresses! Amazing!! =D Also, just wondering, what do you have your son do while you are working on your projects? Or is he usually asleep by then?? Just wondering for future reference! Hehehe. =P

  7. Love the 2nd dress! And yes I do buy diff colours/patterns if I like the item. :P

  8. Yes I do! I like both dresses and their prints!

  9. how funny that the weather's been a little chilly in CA yet other states are experiencing heat strokes!

    i never have much luck with the joann's near my house so all your scores make me so jealous. your dress is absolutely fabulous. have you started making dresses for the little one yet? ;)

  10. That's so cute. Nice work and I love the shoes you paired with it.

  11. I love the floral Summery fabric SPG- so pretty and I just can't believe how stylish you are even while pregnant- so cute :D

  12. OMGOSH! i love both dresses!! the prints are so different you can't even tell they're the same pattern to make it. i especially love the 2nd dress it's so avante garde! i love it!

  13. those are beautiful dresses! i really love the print on those two. :D

    p.s. join my $100 Shopbop giveaway! :D

    <3, Mimi

  14. Olyvia - Aww, thank you for thinking I'm good at picking prints! It can sometimes be challenging to find something in the limited selections here.

    alittlepetite - Thank you! You should definitely try a dress - there's a bevy of different patterns you can use that are easy / beginner.

    Cee - Oh it has definitely been a scorcher! I am very much looking forward to rain!

    Hurricanekerrie - Aww, thanks so much! It's much more economical to make rather than buy especially when sizing is in flux :)

    LePetiteLemon - Thank you very much! You are so LUCKY! I would love to spend my summers in 60-70 degree weather! My son has to be asleep or I can't really work on anything :) So mostly, I average 1-2 DIY items per week.

    Jessy - Thank you! I do the same thing :)

    Francesca - Thanks so much! :)

    Sunshine - I want to be chilly so badly LOL. I just recently made a tutu for Baby and next I'd like to tackle a sailor-dress :)

    Gigi - Thank you dear! It's a nice, light chiffon for those balmy summer days :)

    Annie - Aww, thank you!!

    Lisa - Thanks so much! I love the 2nd dress's print too! Can you believe the fabric was only $2?!?

    Mimi - Thanks so much!



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