Thursday, June 9, 2011

A DIY Tutu for Baby

I absolutely adore the idea of a tutu for Baby Girl so I found a no-sew tutorial and went to town :)  I wound up using tulle cut from a bolt rather than the individual tulle rolls because the bolts had better color selection.  I added some plum flowers and purple ribbon too.

I kind of wish I had a baby doll for a model.  I thought about using our son but my husband was very firmly against putting him girl's clothing :P  Teddy bear it is!

I am now 24 weeks pregnant, have gained 19 lbs and 8 inches to the tummy.  I CANNOT wait until we put Baby Girl in this and take bunches and bunches of pictures!!  Next, I'd like to sew her a little sailor-style dress :)


  1. So adorable! I wish I had a baby girl to dress up! lol!!!

  2. LOL @ wanting to put your son in a tutu. That would have been perfect blackmail material when he grows older ;) This tutu is way too cute! I can't wait until your baby girl arrives to see her in this either!

  3. love it. its too cute. haha! can't wait to see your baby in it!

  4. Ah, but those would have been some precious pictures of your little boy, haha! I think he's a bit too big for the tutu though =P. The ribbons and flowers are a sweet touch!

  5. Jen - Aww, thanks! You never know, you could be next :)

    Cee - LOL! I have plenty of blackmail tushie photos - SHHH.

    Ping - Thanks so much! She's going to have soo many pictures!

    Cat - Teehee, hubby would have killed me! Thank you!

  6. Oh that is so so cute! You made that? Talk about talent!

    Can't wait to see the baby!


    I'm Back!
    Please come say hello!
    Twenty York Street

  7. Well for sure she'll be a glam baby girl!!
    I love the tutu it is so adorable!!!

  8. Oh... a no sew huh? I've been wanting a tulle tutu for the longest time and I might just go make one for myself. >.<

  9. Ooooh, so cute! You picked a great color! It's one of my favorites! I love the details you added as well! I will save this project for friends expecting a girl. =P You are more than halfway through! Hehehe. The excitement!

  10. That's darling! Lol at your husband. Mine would completely agree with him, I have to say.

  11. so cute!! i love this!! .. how did you get the petals to stay in place??

  12. OMG how adorable is this! I think it's perfect and when I have a little girl, I want one just like this too! Hehehehe

  13. I can't wait to see how you dress up your daughter!!!!!! Last week I went to watch my friend's mommy/tot ballet class with her 2 year old daughter....omg all the girls were wearing adorable poufy tutu's!!!

    I already dress my male dog in female dog clothes and everyone tells me to stop doing it too :P


  14. 20 York Street - Aww, thank you! It was a relatively easy project - just a lot of knots :)

    Francesca - Thank you so much! I can't wait to dress her up!!

    Aki - Oh I'd love to see an adult version! Please post photos if you make one :)

    LePetiteLemon - Thank you! It's one of my favorites too - I love purples! 15 more weeks to go! :D

    Gigi - Haha - husbands must be very protective of their little boys :)

    Lisa - Thank you! I actually stitched the petals down using clear thread. Ordinarily, I would anchor them with pearls but I was afraid that Baby Girl would pull off a pearl and accidentally eat it.

    Annie - Thanks so much! You and your hubby would have such beautiful, well-dressed children!

    Lor - Oh I'm so excited! I've already purchased quite a few dresses and ruffly onesies for her. Hubby thinks I'm nuts. And LOL about dressing your dog up in girl dog clothes - that just sounds adorable :D


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