Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wear Your Scarf As a Shirt Tutorial

By now, this scarf (a fabulous Cee discovery) has taken the blogger world by storm.  Cee has done a wonderful job of showing all the versatile ways to wear this and I wanted to show how I plan to wear it as a top.  Note - tie your knots securely and wear a tank underneath to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions!

Top Option #1 Knotted Halter:

How to:

 About 6-8 inches down from the center of the top, tie a small knot.

Using the top 2 corners, tie a small knot behind your neck.  Tie another small knot at your waist/hips with the bottom 2 corners.  (Please excuse the visible bra straps!)


Top Option #2 Asymmetrical Halter:
Blazer:  Banana Republic
Scarf: eBay (seller here)
Equestrian Pin: eBay (buy here)
Bottoms: Banana Republic, Khaki Trousers
Shoes:  Clarks Book Pump (SUPER COMFY!!!)

How to:
You'll need some kind of scarf ring.  I got this equestrian-inspired pin to echo the scarf pattern - yes, I know I'm matchy-matchy :)

Pull one of the top corners through your scarf ring.

Tie a small knot with the top 2 corners.

Slip the top over your head and one arm for the asymmetrical look.  Tie a small knot with the 2 bottom corners.

Don't have a scarf ring?  No problem!  Use a pretty, decorative fashion ring and it will also do the trick:


What do you think?  Would you try this?  For most, I think this would look really cute tucked into a pencil skirt.  For me, this does a nice job of hiding the baby bump :)

For more ideas, visit the website for a how-to on scarf tying download:


  1. OHMYGOSH, I LOVE THIS! (Sorry for typing in all caps, but I'm excited beyond belief here). This blows all the ways I've worn the scarf out of the water. So creative and I will be copying! The second version is my favorite -- but is there a way to tie the strap without a scarf ring? ... or this will be my excuse to go shopping :)

    PS - No baby bump picture this week? :)

  2. Wow, I forgot you had a baby bump! You're right-- it's really good at hiding it. This is something I would totally try this with the right scarf! You think it'd be scandalous to wear just the scarf this summer? Haha kidding! (maybe not.) :)

  3. Hahaha, I'm just as excited as Cee!! Sooo creative! I actually can't decide which method is my fav. I'll be trying both now that I've ordered a similar scarf per Cee and Jean's recommendation :)

  4. I LOOOVEEE the second way! This is so cool!

  5. Super creative. Love all your tutorials. You never fail to impress!

  6. that is a really cool idea! i'm going to try that with my new h&m animal print scarf. yay! thanks for sharing.

  7. You are incredible! I am being so inspired right now...I need to get me a scarf right now (keep putting it off but now there's no excuse!) Thank you for the helpful tutorial!

  8. That's awesome! There have been so many scarves in my life that I wanted to wear as dresses, shirts, and skirts! haha

  9. Lol... like Elle, I'm also thinking I might "need" a scarf! It seems like such a versatile item.

  10. Aww, thank you everyone but I can't take credit. I found these tutorials a while ago (in an old Hermes scarf guide I think) and only just now tried them out. You can find more at Hermes site (a newer version):

  11. Cee - You are so cute! I updated this post with using a regular ring rather than a scarf ring and with the link to the Hermes scarf guide that has even more ways to tie your scarf so I hope you like this too. No worries - I'll have a baby bump pic later this week :)

    Hurricanekerrie - You could definitely wear it by itself (esp. as a cute bathing suit cover-up) but probably want to at least wear a stick-on bra only because I'm not so confident that those knots will hold up throughout the day :)

    R.L. - Thanks! I'm really just passing on the info since I originally saw it on the Hermes guide. Congrats on getting the scarf! It's a really beautiful scarf for a great price!

    Aubrey - Thanks love! I think I'm going to buy a few more scarves to use a colorful tops :)

    A. Li - You are so sweet! I'm just passing on the info though from Hermes :)

    Ping - I'd love to see your animal print version! It sounds super cute!

    Elle - You should get a scarf! With Cee's methods plus the Hermes scarf-as-shirt methods, you can't lose :)

    Jessy - Would love to see how you'd wear your scarves!!

    Liane - Totally :D They usually have such beautiful prints that you wouldn't normally find on shirts so I definitely recommend getting one...or four :)

  12. This is freaking awesome!!! Thanks SPG! You are so amazing!

  13. does anyone remember when mariah carey wore a bandana as a tube top in her heartbreaker video?

    I think i like version #1 the most!


    i'm so bookmarking this post.. i love love scarves.. but i never wear them because i don't know how to!!!! i love all the creative ways you've made to wear this scarf.. i'm so going to buy a scarf right now hahahha. RIGHT NOW!

  15. What a cool way to wear a scarf! My husband and I stopped by Nordie Rack past weekend. We also stopped the Kenwood Mall. I really like it. It was fun to shop someplace else other than the nearby malls once in awhile.

  16. LOVE the ways you're showing on here. You are so amazingly creative. That scarf ring you have is so "Gucci" ! I was drawn to Cee's scarf immediately because of the Gucci-esque horsebit pattern for a spectacular price.

  17. wow, this is so creative and a DIY that i think i could do! i love the way it looks on you!

    cute & little

  18. GAH so cool!!!! Man, I don't think I would be able to figure this out thought LOL!

  19. I LOVE this post! I'm saving this for when I find a chic scarf to try these styles out (hopefully they'll come out as nice like your technique, haha)!

  20. genius! where do u even get a equestrian-styled pin?!


  21. Annie - Thanks so much! I only hope others can make use of it :)

    AubreyOhDang - I remember that! :)

    Lisa - LOL - how did the scarf shopping go? I hope well! :)

    Sydney - Thanks! I love all the vibrant prints that a scarf provides so it's nice for them to double as tops to maximize the print :) Glad you found some good shopping here in Cincy!

    Jean - Thank you! I wanted that particular scarf ring bc it seemed so Gucci LOL! I'm in love with horsebit - it's such a classic :)

    Kileen - Thanks so much! You can definitely do it :)

    Elaine - You totally can - just play around with it a little bit! :)

    Olyvia - Aww, thank you! Hope you find a good scarf for this!

    Lor - Thank you! I got the pin on eBay for $10.99 from seller bethw9101, here's the listing:

  22. That is awesome! I have a beach(?) scarf that is suppose to be able to be worn a bunch of different ways.

  23. Baybexjo - Thanks so much! You'll have to give it a try with your scarf and let me know how it goes :)


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