Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cameo + Pearls = My Newest DIY Obsession

Another quickie post.  I found a bunch of cameo pendants this past weekend and went a little crazy making different pearl combo (cause you know I can't help myself with the pearls!) necklaces.  Here are a few:

Periwinkle and Cream Cameos with Cream Pearl and Bronze Chain

Black and White Cameo + Lavender Pearls + Amethyst Ribbon

This one I think I need to re-work a little.  I think I need shorter strands of pearls so that the ribbon can be highlighted a little more.

What are your current obsessions?  :)


  1. i'm loving the cameo trend and just ordered one off of ebay. i cannot wait until i can start styling it too! great idea pairing it with a classic set of pearls and ribbon!

    cute & little

  2. Gorgeous!! I love the bronze with that gorgeous purple/blue! You are so talented! :)

  3. these are AMAZING~! i love all things cameo and pearls too.. but i never thought about styling them together!! i love what you did!

  4. wow!! they are so pretty! i love love love the pearls with the pendant. amazing!

  5. that's so beautiful!!! i love cameo and pearls! :D

    <3, Mimi

  6. awww the first one is my favorite! it looks so antique yet can be styled with a modern outfit. beautiful!

  7. So pretty!! I love cameo pendants!!

  8. oh dear, the first one is my absolute favorite!!! so so beautiful. but the nose on the girl of the first cameo really scare me. very very pointy! hahahaa.

    I'm still not sold on cameos, but you're convincing me.

  9. These are SO beautiful! Your creativity never fails to amaze me :)

  10. Very pretty. Just one question though, are these with metal on the back? I'm allergic to metal (which is why I love your ribbons and pearls).

  11. Oh SPG...what are we going to do with you? You are just WAY too good!!! How do you do it? LOL

    Love it....I saw similar versions of this on Ebay but none of them compare to yours- FOR SURE!

  12. Kileen - Thanks! Can't wait to see how you wear your cameo!

    Michelle - Thank you for the sweet words!! :)

    Lisa - Aww, you are too kind! Thank you doll!

    Ping - Thanks so much! I was really loving the cameo pendants and thought maybe they'd go nicely with pearls :)

    Mimi - Thanks for stopping by and saying such nice things :)

    Sunshine - Thank you so much! Looking forward to checking out your blog after this :)

    Jen - Hi Jen! Thank you, I do too! :)

    Aubrey - You are so funny! I never even noticed her nose but I will from now on LOL.

    Cee - You are so sweet - thank you!!

    Aki - Hi! The first one uses a chain (but can be made with ribbon instead) and the other two feature ribbon backs. The pendants and the 2 connectors where the pearls connect are metal though :(

    Annie - You always bring such a smile to my face - you are so super sweet!

  13. I love the necklace!! I've been trying to find cameo necklaces here in town, but they're not so nice. If I don't see anymore within the next few weeks, I may just have to get yours from Etsy! :)



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