Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Preggy Chronicles Vol. 2: The "Push" Present

Another one bites the dust...

Let me first start off by saying that hubby is a very considerate and thoughtful man, but he is not one to ever bear gifts.  He firmly believes that money should be spent on experiences like vacations / eating at fancy restaurants / encouraging me to take extended maternity leaves (a year per child).  He hemmed and hawed like crazy when I told him I wanted a bracelet for V-day.

BUT, he couldn't say no this time...  After all, I am delivering a total of 2 children for him in this lifetime (the first being a boy - he told me half-jokingly that I was "a good Chinese wife") sans Epidural (although this is my idea).  So when he brought up a "push" present, I didn't hesitate to request a handbag.

  • Do I NEED this handbag?  No, but who really "needs" one :)
  • Have I wanted this for years and years?  YES.  (I'm also blaming you bloggers for a push in this direction - you know who you are.  I hope you know I'm kidding ladies!  :D)
  • Am I planning to keep this for a lifetime and give it to my daughter or daughter-in-law?  YES.  
  • And do they keep raising their darn prices all the time?  YES - so now is the time to buy!
See, ultimately I can rationalize this LOL.

I really wanted a flap of some sort in Black Caviar leather with cross-body carrying capability.  To my knowledge, current models worn cross-body are WOCs and Jumbos.  A WOC is a tad too small (8 x 5 x 1") while a Jumbo is too big (12 x 8 x 3") so I did some research on vintage styles.  Lo and behold I found a series 3 Messenger (9.75 x 8 x 3.5") and absolutely fell in love.  Though an older style, the caviar leather has held up very well throughout the years (no scuffing / stains / scratches / discolorations) which makes me think it will continue to do so for me and perhaps future generations.  I don't typically name my bags but this one is so special to me!  Her name is Charlotte and I can't wait to to do an OOTD with her :)

What would you request as a "push" present?


  1. Yay, congratulations on the "push" present! I agree with you, the bag is a very very nice size. It's almost as big if not bigger than a M/L flap! Wow. Where did you find this gem? Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for an OOTD with this beautiful purse.

  2. Holy crap, SPG! Charlotte is SO gorgeous! Congrats!!!! It's like a messenger/flap/PST cross because of the leather handle on the chain. I think some vintage bags have more character than the new ones from the store. I really like the idea of a lovely gift in exchange for bearing children, will have to keep that in mind down the road : )

  3. Congrats, SPG! She is gorgeousss! I agree with you, the WOC is a tad small and the jumbo is a tad big. I tried both of them on and haven't really decided on which one. Would you mind sharing where you got yours? I have to keep this "push" gift idea in mind :)

  4. Beau-ti-ful! You found yourself a wonderful sized, very versatile handbag! A "push present" should be law...seriously. The very idea of having children at this point in my life is terrifying (the labor part mostly), but if the deal was sweetened with a little something with double CC's...I might not be as upset about the idea. :P

  5. Aw! Great idea! I would request a handbag as a push present as well. ; ) Great choice. Charlotte is GORGEOUS.

  6. OMGGGGGG congrats congrats congrats!!! she is a beaut!! you how no idea how much i would love a vintage chanel!! i think they def seem more unique then all of the regular jumbo black flaps w/ ghw!! you're so lucky... but you TOTALLY deserve it!!!

  7. Its really pretty!!! I like the extra leather part to cushion the shoulder (hope you know what I mean)....and yep, all women deserve something for giving birth!! Hahaha.

  8. That is the coolest idea I have ever heard!!! I am totally keeping it and stealing it once I have a hubby and a "push present" situation. Haha you deserve it and Charlotte is quite beautiful!! And how sweet that you are already thinking about how it can be passed down to your children!

  9. wow wow wow congrats on both the upcoming baby and the handbag. she's absolutely beautiful! please do share where you got her from...i'm also searching for a medium size cross body but haven't had luck. can't wait too see you + charlotte together :)

  10. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang girl!! A "push" present... I'm so totally using that in the future.

    I love it! :) I wants to see it on your shoulder ;D

  11. Congratulations! You deserve TWO Chanel bags, one for each birth.

    Have you check out the 2010 Chanel tote bag? There are a few which can be used as baby bag.

    Can't wait for your model pic. I like to see the actual bag on you to gauge size.


  12. Gorgeous bag!! And yes!! Push present (per child) is mandatory!!!!! So hubby owes you one more!! :) I would've asked for a Chanel purse also for my push present if my husband didn't already buy me one for Mother's (to be) Day while I was pregnant. So when push present time came, I was at a loss as to what to ask for. Hubby ended up buying a gorgeous necklace from Van Cleef & Arpels on his own. Sometimes it works out even better when you leave men to their own devices!! hehe :) I LOVE jewelry!!

  13. Ooooooo *jumping up and down* and now I am screaming!!!!

    What a perfect bag for you!! I LOVE it!!!

    And the "push present" should be mandatory!!! Heheheh

  14. Classy name for a classy bag. Congrats on Charlotte! Perhaps one day Charlotte and CoCo will get a chance to meet? ;)

    I'm not sure if I'll go along with the push present idea if bf ever brings it up. I'm also not one to want a wedding or an engagement ring... so I'm just the oddball non-traditionalist I suppose, haha. But I do so enjoy seeing other people's presents/rings/wedding photos, etc!

  15. ahhhh!!!! that is super sweet of your husband!! i love love love that bag. i can't wait to see you wear it. i like the idea of a "push" present...I need to use that on my bf for other things.

  16. um...yeahhhh!!!! I've always talked about stuff like this in exchange for carrying babies. I'm glad i'm not the only one demanding this in the future. HAHAHAH.

  17. yeah, i love the idea of a push present!! i'll have to tell Adrian that when the time comes. :) and great pick! i love it and can't wait to see it in your outfits!

    cute & little

  18. Vicky - Thank you! It's so hard to find a good size for bags nowadays especially if you're looking for something specific like a crossbody. I'm a huge fan of The Purse Forum - have you ever checked it out? They have great threads recommending reputable sellers of luxury items and also provide an authentication service before you buy! Here are some useful thread links:
    Reputable Sellers:

    Jean - Thank you! Definitely keep the "push" present in mind for later in life :) I am so in love with this bag - the size is perfect and the caviar leather makes me feel like I won't really have to baby it!

    Sydney - Thank you so much! Since you'll be embarking upon this road soon, you should definitely take advantage! I purchased mine by checking the reputable sellers in the above link from tPF and looking specifically for something messenger style - I hope you find the perfect sized purse for you!

    Kelly - Thank you! LOL about making a "push" present law, how great would that be?? If it makes you feel any better, the depictions of labor in the media are greatly exaggerated - I did NOT wail and scream like a crazy person during labor or threaten the life of my husband :D

    Jessy - Thank you! Can't wait to start taking Charlotte shopping LOL :)

    Lisa - Aww, thank you so much! You should definitely check out the vintage styles (the link above is super helpful!) - I love the different styles Chanel has had in the past and am now eyeing a tote though I know I shouldn't LOL!

    Jarucha - Thank you! I was actually really excited about the partial leather strap too since I wasn't sure if the chain would dig into my shoulder or not - so I totally know what you mean :)

    Laura - Me too! I hadn't even really thought about it until hubby mentioned it. I think he heard about it recently from a coworker. :)

  19. Sunshine - Thank you doll! I got her by searching the sellers in the link above for a messenger style - you should do the same! Just make sure you get them authenticated (link above as well) so you can shop with some piece of mind :)

    Aubrey - You so should!! Every woman deserves it :D

    Anonymous - Thank you! I'm totally going to tell hubby about getting 2 instead of the 1 but I'm pretty sure he's going to say "no" LOL. I'll definitely be posting OOTD pics soon!

    Petite Mom - Aww, what a sweet hubby you have! He sounds so thoughtful and knows your taste well! Left to his own devices, hubby would just buy me food (which I do enjoy - but it's no Chanel! LOL).

    Annie - You totally just re-enacted my reaction when I received Charlotte in the mail! :D Thank you - your post about Caviar vs. Lambskin was SO helpful!

    Cee - Thank you!! I toyed with the name Cici too but being a SATC fan, I was also partial to Charlotte :) Can you imagine the shopping spree Charlotte and CoCo would go on?!? LOL! Your boyfriend is so lucky to have you!

    Ping - Thank you!! LOL - every gal (whether or not she's pregnant) totally deserves something like a push present from their guy!

    AubreyOhDang - LOL - you are so funny! We all deserve it :)

    Kileen - Me too! Definitely use it on Adrian! Hope your wedding plans are coming together smoothly!!!

  20. I've aaaalready started dropping hints. Tell your husband he's lucky. The handbag I want is only $350. *lol*

  21. I LOVE the idea of a push present, my husband got me a Juno Lucina pendant for our first and it's literally the best present I've ever received in my life. Their site is if any new mommies or daddies are looking! :)


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