Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Nautical Dress DIY

As the weather gets warmer (it was 87 degrees today!!!) and I progress along the pregnancy, my favorite go-to items are dresses.  They allow your belly room without constriction and also allow your legs some air :)

This one is made from a blue striped jersey from Joann's featuring a tie-waist and has a below-the-knee hem (so that when belly grows, the length won't be obscenely short).  I used the same pattern as I did for this dress but took out the cowl for the warmer weather.

Dress: DIY
Necklace: Banana Republic with DIY fabric flowers
Jacket: LOFT Twill Cropped Military Jacket
Shoes: Frye Joy Vintage slide (buy here)

Belly progress - I think it actually shrunk a tiny bit because my appetite has finally gone from hyperdrive to normal :)


  1. I love this dress!! I'm thinking I'll be wearing dresses for this trimester, but I just don't want to look like a blimp in a bag.

  2. Love nautical! You wore this so well.

  3. That outfit is so pretty. I love that dress.

    P.S. We are having a giveaway over on my blog. I hope you can jump over and enter.

  4. Such a cute dress that you'll be able to wear during pregnancy and afterwards. I love the short sash tie that you made to go with it. And heels? You are one brave lady! :)

  5. you look GREAT! it fits you so well.


  6. I love the nautical feel! The stripes sort of hide your belly! ; ) hehe

  7. This dress looks so nice on you. Even with all the stripes, the belly still doesn't show until you showcased it! :) Good idea on keeping the length below the knee for now so that it looks better later.

  8. what a nice pretty spring outfit. i love the nautical dress with the waist tie -- so on trend. i been loving the stripes and the nautical inspired pieces. i wanted to buy a striped blazer today from f21 but my bf gave it the thumbs down. lol

  9. the dress is so cute! good thinking about the length when belly hikes up the dress. Love the whole outfit today!

  10. What a pretty outfit, love everything you wore! And I was about to say...your belly does look smaller...which is so interesting to me because I was under the impression that pregnant bellies only grow? :)

  11. You are so adorable SPG! the necklace and the nautical dress :D

  12. i love it! it looks fantastic on you! and your baby bump just makes it all the more beautiful! :D

    <3, Mimi

  13. RA - Sweetie, you are not going to look like a blimp in a bag! Just remember the belting tips we talked about.

    Fashion to Go - Thanks so much! I'm a HUGE fan of nautical styles!

    Sunny & Star - Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I'll be sure to visit your blog after this :)

    Cee - Thanks! I love anything that will double for regular and maternity wear right now :) And I'm actually not that brave. I typically wear either super thick platform heels for stability or wear flats. These shoes are for pictures only at the moment!

    Carrie - Thanks so much! :)

    Jessy - LOL you're too funny about the belly thing!

    Hurricanekerrie - Aw, thank you! It won't be long before my belly is super apparent from every angle :)

    Ping - Thank you! I love stripes so much and I actually have a striped blazer but it was from BR last year on super sale from $1XX to $30.

    Olyvia - Thanks doll! Definitely need to keep hemlines in mind for the growing belly :)

    Elle - Thanks! LOL! Yes, preggy bellies typically only get bigger. BUT since I was eating like a crazy woman, I think a LARGE proportion of my belly was food/fat :) Now my appetite is much calmer.

    Annie - Aw, thank you!! I don't mind being adorable LOL :D

    Mimi - You're so sweet - thanks so much!

  14. omg i love your nautical dress that is SOOO SOO cute!!!

  15. That's such a cute striped dress! Love the BR necklace with the DIY flowers too.


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