Monday, November 29, 2010

To Sew a Boucle Skirt + OOTD

Just a quickie sewing project + OOTD posting :)

Top: Banana Republic Black Button Down, XS (old)
Skirt: DIY
Belt: The Limited Flower Chain Belt (out of stock online, but you may still find it in the store)
Black Peeptoes: Blowfish Festival Wedges, DSW

Amongst the garment sewing world, skirts are generally one of the easier types to sew yourself.  Pencil skirts, for whatever reason, are difficult for me to get right the first time around.  Usually it's the tush's fault - the skirt is either too narrow or too wide there so I keep going back in with a seam ripper.  Or the bottom is too wide so that it's less of a pencil and more of a triangle.  I think it ultimately comes down to practice and knowing my own measurements.  Hmm, looks like I rambled a bit here...sorry!

I am pretty happy with the way this particular skirt came out and I do really like the texture / pattern.  I also made a lace print version and a plaid wool version that I'll post OOTDs with later.


  1. cute skirt you have on! looks great on you. i could imagine the difficulty of sewing a pencil skirt. do you line yours -- i imagine that is hard too.
    i'm wearing the necklace you made today! i love it and my bf complimented me on it.

  2. wow, i really adore this skirt!! the fabric looks like a beautiful tweed and it seems nice and warm too! i tried sewing a pencil skirt once but it turned into an A-line dress pretty quickly. i couldn't get the fit right, lol. :)

  3. I think you did a great job with the skirt! The fabric is great for winter and I love how you styled it. Flower sashes immediately transforms an outfit, imo :) Can I make a suggestion? I think a higher-waisted pencil skirt might look better if the hem ends a few inches above the knees, whereas one sitting around your hips look great around the knees. I'm just picturing this in my head so I thought I'd share. Ignore me if I'm totally out of whack :)

  4. This is adorable! I agree that pencil skirts are a pain to get right. A line skirts are so much easier. I did 4 versions of a pencil skirt using the exact same pattern until I got the right fit. That being said, I still have a hard time getting in and out of the car wearing them, so of the 4 I made I only wear one of the, which is made of a stretch fabric and is the loosest fitting of the four.

    I have been wanting a wool or boucle style skirt like this for a while, and I have some leftover gray stretch cashmere from my military jacket that I am going to use. Now to find the time, as I just finished my Holiday dress for PFC#4.

  5. I think you did a pretty good job! Looks like it fits you nice and snugly. I like the texture and colors with the decorative belt. Personally on me I think I like to see boucle a little shorter in length to balance out the heavier texture.

  6. Ping - Thanks so much! I do line itchy fabrics like wool but this one is pretty soft (and thick) so I didn't. Also, lining fabric is weirdly expensive even though it's almost always a polyester - it can easily double your cost of materials. I'm so incredibly HAPPY you like the necklace!! :)

    Kileen - Thanks for the kind words! It is definitely a nice and cozy fabric - a plus for the winter! YES, I kept getting an A-line - that's what I meant to say instead of "triangle" . LOL.

    Cee - I love hearing suggestions! I think in general 99.9% of petites look good with above the knee skirts and proportionally, I think I would too, but I have weird knee insecurities :( So I keep them covered whenever I can!

    Kerry - Thank you! Your sewing comments mean so much to me because I really look up to you and your talent :) I'm glad I'm not the only one who has issues with pencil skirts!

    Jean - Thank you! I agree with you about the length and if it weren't for my weird-looking knees (at least in my head, hubby thinks I'm being dumb), I would make all skirts above the knee to be more proportional.

  7. I love this skirt especially the material. It fits you nicely. That's one advantage of sewing your own clothes. You don't have to worry about the fit. I agree with Jean. I prefer a little shorter length. Otherwise, it is perfect! Love the combination of red and black.

  8. Can you teach me how to sew? LOL I have always wanted to learn:)

    You are amazing and love this skirt!! A bit shorter would be perfect!

  9. C&P - Aww thank you, that's so sweet!

    Sydney - Thank you! I really like the material too - it's cozy with a cute color combo :) Maybe one day I'll get over my knee insecurities and make shorter skirts LOL.

    Really Petite - LOL, SPG Sewing Academy does have a nice ring to it! But seriously, I'm just a beginner :) Kerry from littlenashua, on the other hand, her talent astounds me. Thank you for the sweet words!

  10. I agree with everyone that a little shorter would be perfect! Otherwise the silhouette looks great on you and I love the belt that you paired it with too.


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