Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More DIY Pearl Necklaces :)

My mother-in-law really liked the Twisted Pearl Necklace (tutorial posted here too) I made in this posting, so I decided to make her a variation of it for her Christmas gift (shhh!).  You can essentially use the same tutorial but instead of twisting it, just tie a knot in the middle and voila!  Super easy!

 And a close-up:

I've been on quite the pearl kick for the last few months but I just can't get enough!  I love the femininity of them and how they go with almost every single thing.  This one is a triple strand in dove gray.  It has larger pearls in the middle and smaller ones on the sides to add focus to the center.

For the closure, I wanted to echo the theme of threes and did 3 chains connected with a clasp.

And part 3 of my pearl craziness is a mix of pearls with chains.  I think I just really like the interplay of something delicate with the toughness of chains.  This one I made super long to be more dramatic but it is adjustable in the back to make it shorter.

And the requisite close-up :)

It's pretty obvious from this posting that I've got pearls on the brain lately LOL!  What's on your mind lately?  Anything on your wish lists?


  1. oh wow..those necklaces are gorgeous. I am sure your mother-in-law will love them. For me, shoes are on my mind lately. I just realized today I bought 5 pairs of new shoes/boots in one week. Oh boy :) I supposed to buy gifts for family members not for me

  2. how nice of you! it will definitely make a nice gift. i love all the creations. the first one is my favorite.

  3. Great DIY necklaces and totally on trend. I've been seeing pearls everywhere and it's perfect for the holidays! =) I've been trying to hold out on shopping lately, but I'm oddly craving lace.

  4. wow, these pearl necklaces are so lovely! and they're perfect gift items as they're classy and always in style. and i actually am completely shopped out after this past black friday weekend, so thankfully i don't have anything on my wishlist! still gotta shop for the little nieces and nephews now though!


  5. I love all the necklaces! Your MIL is so lucky!!! I especially adore the first one with the knot- OMG it's gorgeous! You know I am a HUGE pearl necklace fanatic!!!

    I have been on a scarf, belt, and flower pin binge...and I guess shoes too! OMG- I think I need to stop shopping! LOL

  6. I LOVE those necklaces! The 1st one is unique, the 2nd is classic, and the 3rd is so fun! How much does it cost to buy the raw materials & pearls if you don't mind sharing?

  7. Wow, these necklaces are incredible. I don't know how much materials cost but I imagine these must retail for at least 100 bucks in department stores and your creations look much better. So pretty!

  8. Those are absolutely beautiful! I love all of them!

    If you can believe it NOTHING has been on my mind (shopping wise) lately! I think I've been too pre-occupied with other stuff going on. Good thing for my wallet! I will still need to pick up a few Christmas gifts here and there though.

  9. Both twisted necklaces are absolutely gorgeous. I love the pink and white pearls that picked out to pair together. Your mother-in-law is one lucky lady!

  10. your pearls are so pretty, the subtle colors really stand out well in the photos. I've been having coats on my mind forever! finally was able to purchase the ones on my wishlist from anthropologie this morning, yay!

  11. Absolutely lovely! I have been loving pearls lately too! Maybe because they help me look more like an adult and less like I am still a teenager. Hehe, anyways jewelery making is so fun and rewarding in my opinion. You do a great work.

  12. Sydney - Aww thank you! Ooh, will we see a shoe posting soon? :)

    Ping - Thanks for the kind words!

    Stylepint - Thank you! Good for you on the shopping restraint, I need some of that!

    Kileen - Aww thanks! I'm impressed that you don't have a wishlist! I'm always wanting something LOL.

    Really Petite - Thank you for being so sweet! LOL, I really love your review posts - hope to see your new purchases soon :)

    PXXS - Thanks so much! Pearls vary greatly in price (can get plastics, glass, freshwater, etc.). I personally prefer glass pearls for most projects as long as the pearls are under 12 mm. Larger glass pearls would weigh you down too much. So to go to the store and buy new materials for these particular pieces, the estimates are $16, $18 (larger pearls, fancier finishings), and $12. Hope that helps!

    Elle - You're too kind - thanks so much!

    C&P - Thank you!! Yes, good for your wallet! Mine is still sore LOL.

    Cee - Thank you! I'm always a little hesitant in mixing colors bc what looks good in my head doesn't always look good in real life - so thank you for the reassurance! :)

    Olyvia - Thanks! Yay for getting a wishlist coat! I saw that you have a new post. I'm going to check it out right after this.

  13. I love the pearl necklakce. Love that you make it yourself. I am also a Do it myself jewelry designer and love to sew. But sewing skill, I a no where close to how good you are. I find your blog so inspiring and helpful. So glad I found it. Sorry I keep commenting.

  14. A. Li - I'm so incredibly flattered by your kind words - thank you so much! I only started crafting/sewing a year ago so I'm still inexperienced but I hope to continually improve :)

  15. You truly have a God-given talent. I have appreciated looking at the crafts you have done and I must say I am truly impresses!

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you, Karen! Your sweet comment means a lot to me :)


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