Monday, November 22, 2010

7 Confessions and Equestrian-Inspired OOTD

Petite XXS tagged me in her Seven Confessions posting and of course I have to oblige :)

1.  I HEART the privacy of my own home LOL.  I have all of the Karaoke Revolution games from PS2 to Wii (with the exception of country music ones) and really enjoy belting it out on random nights.

2.  I only started sewing/crafting when I went on maternity leave last year.  I took a year off (without pay of course) and needed to be more mindful of finances.  As you know, I am a shopper at heart but since I couldn't really do that, I took to making my own versions.

3.  I was born in Hong Kong but moved to Indiana as an infant.  I speak Cantonese and a little Mandarin.  I took 2 years of Chinese in college but have since forgotten almost all of it.

4.  I am OBSESSED with food.  Hubby and I travel specifically to eat at certain restaurants.  We had a ball on our honeymoon cruise and gained 10 lbs in 1 week.

5.  Our son is 18 months old and he is the center of our world.  My mom graciously moved in to help take care of him and has been a godsend.  This pic is from last year but I thought I'd post it since we're getting close to the holidays.

6.  I'm a deal hunter by nature but splurge on handbags and other accessories.  tPF has proved to be a dangerous place for me as I was introduced to great brands like Balenciaga and Rebecca Minkoff there as well as learning more about brands I was already aware of.

7.  I still love kiddie movies like The Incredibles, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Up.  I may say that I'm watching them because of my son but it's not true :P

I hope I'm not repeat tagging anyone but I'd love to see confessions from:
And finally an equestrian inspired OOTD:

Blazer: Banana Republic, Sz 2
Top: LOFT Bow Front Button Down, XS
(These are the pants I purchased via the Gap Give and Get sale.  They run big AND stretch throughout the day so I recommend sizing down.  Otherwise I love having skinny khakis.)
Boots: Born
Bag: Burberry


  1. omg my ex had a wii and i made him buy american idol for karaoke!! haha, but i suck at it. my current bf and i love food too. we eat out every night and we try to go to a new restaurant every weekend.
    i love your outfit so much! definitely one of my favorite outfit of yours. i'd definitely rock that.
    btw i got the necklace!! i wore this weekend and didn't get a chance to photograph :(

  2. 1) your ootd is AMAZING...I am in love with it!
    2) Your son is just sooo so so cute :)
    3) I gained 5 lbs on vacay with my boyfriend last to say I love food too lol!

  3. I've been looking forward to your confessions ;) I can only understand Mandarin while bf speaks cantonese. I need to learn though because I'm always wondering what he and his family are saying about me lol. Your son is sooooo precious, he has such big eyes! He's going to be a heartbreaker one day ;) I hear ya on being cheap about everything but bags. They are my weakness as well -_-

  4. Oh! Forgot to comment on your outfit. Silly me. I LOVE the bow top. I've been looking for something similar and finally saw one on ASOS, so I might just pull the trigger. But your outfit is so Burberry-esque (and not just cuz you're carrying a Burberry bag) :)

  5. Love the way you did the equestrian look and keeping it feminine. That blazer looks awesome on you, I like the jacket length with your skinnies. oh no! you tagged me! I'm horrible at confessions! I'm gonna post them here, because I'm too embarrassed to post them on my blog. haha 1)Your baby is so cute! I am actually the champion of making babies smile with my peek-a-boo games, haha 2)I was born in Wisconsin. 3)I hate driving and I get so nervous on the freeway, that I've only driven on the freeway maybe 4 times my whole life. 4)I love cream cheese so much, I eat it by itself right out of the package sometimes. 5)I have a huge crush on Chris Pine, captain kirk from star trek 6) I have not missed an episode of Cougar Town 7) I've been dating my long-distance bf for 4 years now, and we've never had a real conversation on the phone- we're mostly texting, emailing, and IM'ing. Sometimes I feel like we are internet dating. haha Whew! took me forever to think of 7

  6. i love karaoke too and made my bf buy Lips so that we could sing on the xbox. it's so much fun and it's the only video game where I can beat him tenfold in score! so much fun. :)

    your baby is too adorable! i love the cute little xmas hat on him!

    and i love your ootd too! you really pulled off the equestrian look really well while still having some feminine touches like the bow.

  7. I am loving your outfit...that bow creates an elegant but fun ensemble!

    Your boy has gorgeous eyes!

    I love karaoke!! I have the Karoake Revolution for wii as well, but I am stuck on trying to learn the Miley Cyrus song! Grr!

  8. Ooo we finally get to see your son! He's adorable! :) I know a lot of Asians like karaoke, but I can't sing in key to save my life (and I can tell so it just makes me cringe haha). I'm so glad so many of my tag-ee's are doing 7 confessions! They're so fun to read :)

  9. Your DS is adorable!!! My DS is already 3 and I am missing those baby days.

  10. OMG your son is precious!!! And great OOTD! I still have yet to do my 7 confessions..LOL

  11. Ping - I never said I was good at singing LOL! I just like doing it :) Glad you got the necklace! I always worry just a tiny bit if things always make it to the right place.

    TinyInTexas - Thanks for the sweet words! Love #3 - that happens to me A LOT :)

    Cee - Aww thank you! It's nice to have a fellow bag lover to chat with! Hubby thinks I'm insane that I refuse to turn up the heat but will spend more than I should on handbags. :P When your bf speaks Cantonese, can you catch any of the words? I know they're both rather different but sometimes hearing Mandarin, I can think of the Cantonese version. I can see you layering with the bow top and making it look gorgeous!

    Olyvia - Aww - don't be embarrassed! Thanks for sharing your confessions - they are so cute :) I'm also a fan of Cougar Town, though I kind of miss Courtney actually being a cougar.

    Kileen - Thank you for the kind words! I LOVE dressing up my son! We have elf, Santa, cow, pumpkin, and traditional Chinese outfits for him :)

    Michelle - Thank you! So nice to meet a fellow karaoke fan! One of my favorites was the AI version bc on the easy setting, I could easily be American Idol LOL.

    Jen - Thank you! I look back at my son's infant days and I already feel like he's growing too fast!

    Really Petite - Aww, thank you! I just read your confessions!

  12. Love your confessions! I like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs too! =) Btw, your outfit is great and definitely equestrian, especially with the handbag to complete it!

  13. HAHA I'm joked with bf about not turning on the heat/AC either to save $! He just shakes his head lol. The only words I can sort of understand sounds almost the same in Mandarin. I think it's easier for Cantonese people to pick up Mandarin for some reason?

  14. Stylepint - Thanks so much! Yay for another Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs fan! It combines my love for food AND animation LOL.

    Cee - LOL! I am totally willing to sacrifice certain creature comforts for other things - we are on the same wavelength. To be fair, I couldn't pick up any Mandarin until after I took the classes ;)

  15. your son is sooo cute! it was nice knowing more about you. we are twins when it comes to number 6! :)


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