Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2 DIY Skirt Projects - Lace and Nautical

My most recent sewing projects revolved around skirts.  First up is a cream colored lace - a fabric I fell in love with at Joann's.  I put together an outfit that looked good in the mirror (I swear LOL) but looks a little off in the photo.  I think next time I'll need to tuck my top into the skirt to play with proportions.  Which do you trust?  Mirror or photo?

Top: BR Slip Dress (old), Sz 0
Cardigan: LOFT, XSP (old)
Necklace: F21 Two Tier Pearlescent Necklace, $10.80, I LOVE this!
Skirt: Lace DIY
Black Peeptoes: Blowfish Festival Wedges, DSW (comfy to stand in but not great for walking a lot bc of heel slippage)

Next up is the nautically inspired Kasia skirt:
Top: H&M Sheer Bow Blouse (old), Sz 2
Please ignore the tights and shoes - I know they don't go with the outfit, but I just wanted to show you skirt :)

And a close-up view:

I heart nautical-styled garments!  When I saw this pattern, I instantly fell in love.  The ruched side hip panels and the buttons just drew me in.  I used a heavy navy-colored suiting material for the skirt from Joann's.  I can't say that this was the easiest thing to sew as I had to redo it several times and even then had to completely forgo the pockets, BUT I do like the end result.

I think maybe next time I'll pair it with gray tights and a top with some gray as well.  How would you wear this skirt?


  1. That nautical skirt is AMAZING!!!! You should sell it on your etsy store (wait, you recently opened an etsy store right? maybe I dreamed that it happened, LOL). I think it would look amazing with everything.

  2. I love that nautical skirt. Maybe you should start an alterations service for petites :)

  3. OMG I love the nautical skirt! And the top you paired with it is so dainty and feminine- which I LOVE!

    You are seriously talented- how many times have I said this? LOL :)

  4. oh i adore the 2nd outfit. it looks really nice. i agree with elle, you should make more sell the skirt! i love the nautical look too!

  5. that nautical skirt is too cute!! i love all the detailing at the hips and it would totally give us petites some much needed curves. you should totally sell it in your etsy shop if you do have one. :)


  6. I love both skirts but I really loved how you wore the second skirt because it was so well proportioned and made you look tall and slim!! I would love to see the first skirt with your blouse tucked in!! LOVE LOVE!!!

  7. I love the nautical skirt like everyone said. I'd definitely wear it with a blouse tucked in to show off the lovely details. I think booties would look awesome with your current outfit! =)

  8. Like everyone else, I love the nautical skirt! The button placement and details are spot on. So cute! I agree with selling it on Etsy and the alterations services =P The first skirt I don't like as much. I think the print is pretty, but there seems to be a big contrast with the black peeking through. Maybe a lighter color would soften the look a bit. I usually trust photos over mirrors. Photos don't lie!

  9. I love your Kasia. I made mine in some royal blue fabric I got at a yard sale, and added translucent white buttons. I wear it with a white cashmere sweater. The last time I wore it to work the kids said I looked like a sailor. However, you need to figure out how to do the pockets, because pockets on a skirt are great!

  10. great blog! I really love how you add your own special touches to things... now following :) be sure to check out my new petite blog i just made today!

  11. Elle - Thank you! I did just open an Etsy store though it's a bit bare and right now just jewelry :)

    PLG - Thank you! I am definitely not skilled enough yet to sew for others, but maybe someday!

    Really Petite - Thank you so much - you are just too sweet!

    Ping - Thank you for the kind words!

    Kileen - Thank you! I love the hip ruching too!

    Curvy Petite - Who doesn't love looking taller and slimmer LOL? Thank you for your sweet words!

    Stylepint - Thank you for the suggestion! I'll have to try it out!

    Cee - Good point on the contrast. I originally had a nude slip underneath but it was then too see-through for the black tights. I may need a more opaque light-colored slip.

    Littlenashua - Thank you! I would love to see your Kasia - did you do a post on it? And yes, I'm a big fan of pockets but the pattern threw me for a loop and I accidentally sewed them down.

    Kara Marie - Thanks for reading and following! You have a very cute blog - looking forward to your future postings!

  12. especially love the nautical skirt!!!

  13. Love the second outfit, the blouse goes gorgeously with the skirt.

    First lacey skirt is very pretty! I have to say I trust pics more. Sometimes, I make my bf take a pic if I can't tell from looking at the mirror. I guess it's better to look at it from another point of view.

  14. The nautical skirt looks amazing! And I really like the blouse you paired it with too. Great job!

  15. Kaleido Mind - Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

    Jen - Thanks! You gals are right - I think the camera is "truer" image of what things look like. Now if only I could take and review pics prior to picking all my outfits!

    PXXS - Thanks so much!! :)


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