Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bedskirt and In-Process Headboard DIYs

Making our new house our home has been a process - some fun (sewing pillows / bedding) and some not so fun (installing a new RO filtration system which led to a chaotic mess of also replacing the kitchen faucet and some piping - how did I become the plumber of the household?).  The good news is that I think we're on the fun part now!  This weekend, I focused on bedroom DIYs:

DIY Bedskirt 
Time: ~30 minutes 
Cost: $20 for 3 yards of fabric on sale

Bedskirts are ridiculously expensive ($50 for plain ones and $100+ for prettier patterned ones - King), but SO easy to DIY.  Another complaint?  Store-bought bedskirts never seem long enough.  I don't know if our bed sits too high, but previous skirts always hung 2" above the floor making all our unsightly under-bed storage very visible.

This bedskirt is simply a very long rectangle wrapped around the boxspring and stapled into place.  It took 15 minutes to hem the sides and maybe 10 to staple.  The length is 18" and corners are box pleated (see this tutorial for basic box pleat how-to).

There are so many fun prints you can use!

(Almost Finished) Queen to King Headboard
Time: ~2 hours 
Cost: $32 
Styrofoam ($6 - Home Depot)
Queen-sized memory foam mattress topper ($26 - Big Lots)
3 yards of scrap fabric to cover and put in place

Inspired by Aubrey's beautiful DIY headboard, I decided to try my hand at it too.  We had an upholstered Queen-sized headboard from our pre-King days and wanted to extend both sides.  I pondered how to properly attach plywood extensions to the existing board and wound up going uber-cheap instead with tape / styrofoam.  I don't know that I would necessarily go the styrofoam route again because of durability (my husband and I just remind ourselves not to lean too heavily on the sides), but it definitely gives you the "look" of being King-sized.

Still to do?  I want to add decorative fabric to it in the form of a fitted sheet I'll sew for the headboard so I can change it out according to whim.  I didn't buy enough of the bedskirt fabric for this, so am trying to decide if I want to buy more or go with faux leather.  I saw a gray ostrich faux leather the other day and thought it looked gorgeous.

If you have any headboard fabric suggestions, please do tell!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Yikes! The filtration situation did not sound fun. Glad that it over!
    I was just experiencing frustration with bed skirts the other week. So expensive! I love the gray striped fabric you got. Looks a lot like the duvet cover I just got from West Elm. Glad things are coming together in the new home.


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