Wednesday, June 25, 2014

30-minute Removable Headboard Cover DIY Tutorial

I can be a bit fickle and love to experiment around with different things.  As such, I am particularly partial to impermanent items - removable peplums, reversible dresses, and now a removable headboard cover.  Making one is not only simple, but quick as well.

Difficulty: Easy

Time: ~30 minutes

Materials: ~2.5 yards of fabric (easiest if width is 55-60") for a King-sized headboard

Since this is picture-heavy, please see the rest of the tutorial after the jump.

The whole concept of this is essentially to make a simple pillowcase-esque cover with tucked corners and ends.

Instructions:  (For simplicity purposes, I'm going to write the tutorial as if it was one solid cover minus the added stripe, but you can certainly add a stripe if desired as long as your measurements are matched)

  • Measure your headboard.  Mine was 30 x 79 x 4.5"
  • Cut a rectangle to fit your headboard.  Since this is similar to a pillowcase, make sure the height of the headboard is doubled and allow at least 5" additional in width.  Mine was 60 x 84"
  • Fold your fabric's shorter side in half with the wrong side of the fabric facing you.  Allow the front to fall longer than the back to ensure the front of the headboard is properly covered. Example - my 60" fabric side was folded so that the front was 41" and the back was 19".  I calculated this based off of: 
    • 30" (exact headboard height)
    • 4.5" (headboard depth) + 0.5" for extra wiggle room
    • 6" (tail to be used later for tucking)
  • Sew down the 2 open sides:
  • Pinch a triangle at each corner so that the long side of it is the same measurement as your headboard depth plus 0.5" (mine was 4.5 + 0.5" for a total of 5") 
    • To illustrate, let's use an actual pillowcase.  A typical pillowcase has pointed edges rather than squared corners.  In order to square the corners, you would essentially need to sew a line perpendicular to your side seam across the corner.

It should look like this:

When turned inside out, your corner would look like this:

Or in the headboard case, like this:
  • The sewing part is then finished and your cover should look like this:

  • Slip it over your headboard and manually tuck in the ends

And you're finished!  Time to entertain the kids :)


  1. Thanks for the tut. It is very simple. Definintely will try it.

  2. Beautiful bedroom!!! Love the cover, washable and interchangeable. Cute kid too :).

  3. Oh your kid is so cute :) Loving the pose! and loving the DIYs very talented :) spg!

  4. Nice! And E is looking so cute.

  5. thanks for sharing this! i've been wanting a headboard. i think fabric outlet is having 40% off everything...might have to get some fabric and make me one...


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