Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sew Easy: Pillow Cover DIY Tutorial

We're starting to get settled in the new place and now adding some finishing touches.  One of the items I wanted to update were some old pillow covers.

Easy Pillow Cover DIY Tutorial w/ Envelope Closure

Difficulty: Very Easy

Time: 30 minutes

How to:
  • Cut rectangle of fabric for your desired pillow size and add 7" on one side
    • I wanted my finished pillows to be 18x18" so cut a rectangle 18x25"
  • Hem your short edges.
  • Fold your rectangle into a square with overlapping edges (this is where the extra length is used) and sew down the sides
  • Snip each corner right above your sewn edge so that when flipped outwards, the corners will be crisp instead of slumped inwards from the excess material
  • Turn inside out and stuff - you're done!
What the back of the pillow looks like

I prefer these pillows:

to these:

Easy update!  :)


  1. oh my gosh, I should try this. I have a really large pillow and I've been using a pillow cover that doesn't quite fit lol.
    thanks for sharing!

  2. zomg i want! I prefer the ones you've are also!


  3. Oh! A pillow project would be a good beginning sewing project for me. We have so many pillow inserts, but the covers no longer match the color scheme I am going for. I pinned this and Jean's clutch tutorial. :)

  4. Great update, for sure! Tks for the tutorial! I'll give it a go!


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