Sunday, February 6, 2011

DIY Plaid Peter Pan Collar Blouse + OOTD

I saw this beautiful, sheer plaid fabric at my local Hancock Fabrics store and instantly thought of making it into a blouse of some sort.  I started with a Peter Pan collar + flutter sleeves and then couldn't help myself - I had to add a bow-front - I just love them so much!  You can also tie it into a knot for more of a necktie look.

I love that this is kind of a masculine plaid color scheme made into something frilly and feminine :)

 Close-up of details:

Here's how I would wear it:
Top: DIY, Plaid Peter Pan Collar + Flutter Sleeve Blouse 
Blazer: Banana Republic, Black, Sz 2
Belt: Banana Republic, Black/Brown Snake Print
Pants: Old Navy Skinny Ankle Zip, Khaki, Sz 2
Boots: Born, Black Leather

How would you wear something like this?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Loving the entire outfit, very Burberry-esque. I totally agree with the masculine/feminine contrast. Great job as always!

  2. I love this, but then you know i love bows and things. I am afraid to work with plaid fabrics for fear that I won't get them to match up properly.

    Did you use a commercial pattern?

    I want this. So, so cute.

  3. Incredible job! You did a really really great job on this and I just LOVE how you styled it. Gorgeous!

  4. You are so talented. Man I barely made a skirt!!!

  5. I am loving your DIY blouse. I am always a big can of plaid. It's very pretty. I love the way you styled it too.

  6. Wow this is so pretty! Plaid must be more challenging to work with but it came out beautifully!

  7. wow this is so pretty and i love the plaid. you did great as usual and i love the peter pan neckline (adorable!). the blouse looks great with the blazer too!! very equestrian-esque.

  8. I love the top...I would wear the whole outfit in a heartbeat. I wish I could make my own clothes too but I can barely fix buttons and all.

  9. This is probably my favorite item that you have made (from the items I have viewed). Ahh! So lovely, but the pattern is so bold! Amazing job!!

  10. This top is gorgeous!! I love it!! I really like how you styled it too but it's such a shame to hide the amazing flutter sleeves under a blazer. I'd style this tucked in with high-waisted skirt or pants. Maybe in white with a brown leather skinny belt for summer.

  11. Oh my gosh... you are insanely talented!!! I would purchase this in a heartbeat (can I??? Seriously?!). Did you do this from a pattern or from scratch? I am seriously in awe of your skill. And you styled it just right!

    Have a lovely week!

  12. are amazing! I love love this outfit- so chic and you did such a phenomenal job! How do you do it? lol

  13. Beautiful job, very nicely styled. You gave me the courage to try plaid. Which pattern did you use?
    You are very talented.

  14. I love this equestrian inspired look. but if you had flat riding boots, it'd look even better!!!

    Still...great job!

  15. Cee - Thanks so much! I do really love this equestrian feel :)

    Kerry - Thanks! Oh Kerry, you should have seen my first plaid project. I had (stupidly) decided to make a pleated skirt with the pleats fixed for the first ~6 inches - it was a nightmare to try matching. I had to re-cut because I didn't pay attention the first time. Weirdly enough, I've been using one basic pattern, New Look Pattern 6785 for many many different tops. This one used my own drafted collar, sleeves, and the tie but the body of the pattern.

    Elle - Aww, thanks so much!

    Sarah - Thank you for your kind words! Keep at it! I've been sewing for a little under a year now and started with sleeveless tops.

    Sydney - Thank you! I love plaid too - there's a nice classic feel to the print :)

    Liane - That's so sweet of you to say - thank you!

    Ping - Thank you! I'm a big fan of equestrian looks and probably use it a little too much :) I hope everything is going well for you this week!

    Jarucha - Thank you for stopping by and commenting! You should give it a try! I've only been sewing for a little under a year. The first few things look a bit odd but you definitely learn quickly.

    Michelle - Aww, thank you for the super kind words!

    Petite Mom - Thank you for the great suggestions! I will definitely be wearing this sans blazer / cardi when it gets warmer - oh how I long for spring!! :)

    Jen - You are too sweet! This is a modified version of New Look Pattern 6785. Do you sew too? Hope you have a lovely week too!!

    Annie - Aww, Annie - you sure know how to lift a gal's spirits! Thank you for being so kind!

    Beans - Thank you for stopping by and commenting! I've been using one basic pattern, New Look Pattern 6785 for many many different tops. This one used my own drafted collar, sleeves, and the tie but the body of the pattern.

    Aubrey - Flat boots definitely convey an equestrian look much better! I was feeling a bit squat and bloat-y so chose the heeled boots as a pick-me-up lol :)

  16. Just gorgeous. Why don't you have a blogsale?? :)


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