Thursday, February 17, 2011

DIY Pearl Ribbon Necklaces & A New Chan Luu Inspired Bracelet

Work has been nuts lately with me finishing at around 8 every night so I'm now incredibly behind in the blogging world :(

To my favorite bloggers - I haven't forgotten you and am looking forward to getting caught up over the next few days!  Please excuse my lack of comments.

To my readers - I have a special treat for you!  I'm putting together a giveaway to celebrate 100 followers (thank you so much!  I can't tell you how much it means to me that any one would want to read my little corner of the internet!) and should have this up early next week.  In about a month, I'll also have a brand new feature added to the blog so stay tuned!

So in the meantime, just wanted to show you a few jewelry DIY projects I've done over the last month.

This was created for a dear friend.  One of her favorite colors is blue and I was inspired by a bit of beach theme (blue for water and soft browns for sand).

This one is just a slight variation of the above with a warm gold color theme.

And finally a new Chan Luu Inspired Leather Wrap Bracelet.  Here I used copper colored faceted crystals (about 4mm), 1 mm metallic brown leather cord, and a coconut button.  Want to make your own?  Check out my video tutorial HERE.

Hope everyone has a fabulous President's Day weekend!  Anyone going shopping?


  1. love the tahitian pearls with the bronze ribbon that's so pretty!

  2. I remember the sapphire version of these necklaces. That was gorgeous and so are these :)

    I hope work gets a bit easier soon and you can relax this 3 (do you get a day off Mon?) day weekend!

  3. wow, these necklaces are so beautiful and i love the mix of blue and gold in the first one. i hope your work starts slowing down a bit so you can enjoy the warmer weather! :)

    cute and little

  4. I can't wait for your giveaway and for your new blog feature! :D The necklaces are sooooooo gorgeous. I can't decide which one I prefer!! I'm loving the colour theme for the jewelry you posted!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  5. I love the first necklace. Blue is my favorite color too. Both necklaces look so nice. Your friend is one lucky girl. Have a great weekend! I might hit the Nordstrom Rack you mentioned on my blog. Thanks for the info.

  6. SO SO SO pretty, I love the necklaces. So sweet that you made it for your friend (and beach theme? bonus!) Can't wait for your giveaway and congrats on 103 followers :)

  7. I LOVE those necklaces!!!! Congrats on 100+ follwers! Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us :D

  8. Congrats on reaching 100+ followers! And OMG how much would those necklaces go for? The blue and bronze it!

  9. I love the blue pearls. Well done SPG!!! :) Your jewelry DIY projects are my fave.

  10. Lisa - Thanks so much for stopping by and writing such a kind comment!

    Cee - Aww, thanks Cee! We did get a 3-day weekend here but we spent it in Chicago so I'm still a little behind in general :) It's funny because hubby always got Presidents' Day off but I never did. Finally, we both get to share in getting it off :)

    Kileen - Thanks so much! I typically work in monochromes or similar color families so I'm glad the blue/tan seems to have garnered positive attention :)

    Jessy - Thank you for the super sweet words! Giveaway to come and new blog feature in the works - I'm glad to hear you're interested :)

    Sydney - Did you wind up hitting Nordstrom Rack this past weekend? I saw your great shoe haul!

    Elle - Thank you!! I'm making this giveaway multi-winner so I hope everyone likes it!

    Curls-and-Pearls - Thanks so much! You're so sweet to me :)

    Annie - Thank you! I still need to place these on Etsy but I was thinking about $15(?) each.

    Hi Jen! Aww, thanks for kind words!!

  11. Hello! I saw your tutorial on Youtube and I have a strage question.....what is that GREAT nylon looking "needle" you are using? The reason I ask is that I am an RN at a state hospital and the clients are not allowed to have real needles.....these would be GREAT!!! Thank you for ANY information you can give me!!


  12. They look beautiful in blue or beige.They are fantastic pieces with a trendy and contemporary flavor...surely to woo every young lady who sees it.

  13. Love It, going to do it i cant wait......There are georgeous..thanks for sheering !!!


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