Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mad Men Inspired DIY Dress

One of my favorite shows as of late is Mad Men.  I joined this bandwagon a little late and am now in the middle of season 4.  Their style is so beautiful and every episode is filled with fashion eye candy.  I love the feminine shapes, cinched waists, and modest flared skirts.

I know it's a little early for something so spring-like but I am aching for warmer weather and all the magazines are now covering spring looks.  Call me impressionable, but it made me instantly crave florals.  This dress was supposed to be a halter but I prefer more of a full-coverage style (esp. since I want to wear this to work) so I mimicked the front for the back as well.  It also features a wide waistband and a full, below-the-knee length skirt.

What do you think?  Do you get a Mad Men vibe?

Floral Dress: DIY
Shoes: Gucci Embossed d'Orsay Pump, Camel


  1. Beautiful! I envy your skills!

  2. ohh i love the print of the dress! it's very spring-y and i'm sure you can wear that on a vday date! the fit is perfect too, you did a great job.

    hmmm i dont watch mad men, so i'm not quite sure. lol

  3. I absolutely love the fabric you chose for this dress!! The bust and waist on the dress is great! Great job!! :)

  4. Wow! That's spot on and I love the 50s influence! =)

  5. I love Mad Men too. You are so talented! I know I always say that, but I am awed by your sewing skills. The dress is beautiful and I love that length of skirt on you. It'll be so terrific when spring rolls around!

  6. I don't follow Mad Men, but this dress is everything you described. Feminine shape, cinched waist, modest flared skirts. Check, check, check! Beautifully done. Now I can't wait for spring!

  7. Definitely a Mad Men vibe, that's beautiful!!!

  8. Oh wow! That is a beautiful dress!
    Now I have to go rent the Mad Men series. :)

  9. What a pretty print and dress!!! Is the length on purpose? I think it should be a bit shorter unless the length is done on purpose :)

  10. I love this dress! Love the shape, the print, the neckline...excellent job. When can I order one? :-P

  11. I love this print as well! It looks way better than most floral dresses I normally see in the stores. I haven't watched Mad Men at all yet, although I heard lots of people (mainly the guys I know) like it, but I didn't know the show has great clothing/fashion. Now it makes me want to check out the show!

  12. What an adorable dress. It's perfect for the upcoming Spring. I love the print as well. Great job!

  13. Love love love the fashions on Mad Men! It looks great on you. All you need now is a crocodile purse and a martini glass, and you can be an extra on the Mad Men set. =)

  14. i'm so in love with this dress!! you definitely channeled the glamorous attire of the Mad Men show and I wish I had your sewing skills! pearls were definitely the perfect accessory for this look too.

    cute and little

  15. omigosh it is SO pretty. I love the dress!!!! I'm jealous of your skills :(

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  16. I have very similar fabric that I bought in September with the intent of making a similar dress.

    It's almost creepy how we think alike.

    (so of course, that means I LOVE your dress!)

  17. I LOVE this dress! One of my favorite works of yours, and I like all of them! I really like the way you styled it too. Great job! :)

  18. EmilyJosephine - Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting!

    Ping - Thank you! Good idea on wearing it for V-day - can't believe that's coming up so soon!

    Michelle - Thanks so much! It can definitely be a challenge to find something that fits well in those areas (and can be challenging to sew at times too) but it's such a payoff when it does fit!

    Stylepint - Thank you! I can actually see you wearing this dress and completely rocking it with your own flair :)

    Petite Mom - Thank you for the sweet words and yay for another Mad Men fan! I soo love their style and will probably do a few more inspired pieces :)

    Cee - Awww, thank you for being so sweet! Me too! According to the groundhog, spring will come soon (fingers crossed)!

    Curls-and-Pearls - Thank you so much! :)

    Vicky - Thank you! I love the show and hope you like it too! If you don't like the fashion, the people are beautiful too LOL :)

    Really Petite - Thank you! For this particular dress, I did want to do a longer length to channel the 1960s but otherwise, I would agree with you!

    Ruth Ann - Thank you love! I am still way too much of a novice to sew for others, but maybe one day!

  19. Olyvia - Thank you! I was really drawn to this print for a nice spring-time dress. You should definitely check out the show - I hope you like it!

    Sydney - Thank you very much for the kind words! :)

    Kelly - Aww, thanks so much! And thanks for the great idea - I would so love a very structured croc printed bag with this dress :)

    Kileen - Thank you! You're always so sweet with your comments - they really mean a lot to me :)

    Jessy - Thanks so much, you are too kind!

    Kerry - LOL! I think you would look beautiful in this type of dress! Are you planning on drafting your own or using a pattern?

    Liane - Thank you for the sweet comment! You are too nice but it's very much appreciated! :)


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