Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sweater to Cardigan Refashion Tutorial

Ha!  I just found an old post that I never published - so here we go, it's a little outdated but that's OK :)

I admit it - I sometimes stalk hubby's side of the closet for items that shrank in the washer.  Sometimes I cut them up for embellishments and sometimes I turn it into other garments.  This one was a red Banana Republic v-neck sweater that fell victim to the washer.  Even shrunken, it was still big on me, so this tutorial will go over slimming a sweater and turning it into a cardigan.

See tutorial after the jump...
What You'll Need:
  • Sweater
  • Trim (optional)
1.  First, try on the sweater.  Typically, you would pin the sweater to fit you, but I don't have this kind of dexterity.  So I took a piece of chalk and marked the location of my armpit, chest, and waist.

2.  Using those markings, I connected the dots to draw in where I would be taking the sweater in.

3.  Sew along the lines and try it on.  Let it out or take it in depending on fit.  Once you get the right fit, cut the excess fabric and serge to prevent unraveling.

4.  Now draw a line down the center of the front and cut.  Serge each side.  I didn't have a perfect red thread match so I knew I'd have to add trim to hide it.

5.  I had this cream-colored swirly trim so I pinned it in place and handstitched it along the sides.

And voila, you're finished!  The next time you need to throw something out, consider refashioning it!

Looking at this picture, I should shorten the sleeves too!


  1. That's awesome! good work and thanks for sharing. You should definitely shorten the sleeves though

  2. I did that to one of my fiance's sweaters. It was a wool argyle that he never wore, now it's a cardigan (although I did not do the best job on re-attaching the sleeves which had to be resized, so the shoulders look lumpy).

  3. Hmm, now you've given me ideas to rummage through my bf's closet. Will be doing that on my days off :) Great tutorial and the sweater looks nice on you. The color red and the trim kind of reminds me of a Chinese qi pao (sp?).

  4. I saw this on littlenashua (above, lol) but I still love your step by step!

    It's such a creative way to use a sweater that you don't love. By the way I went to your 7 confessions post (not sure how I missed it!) and your boy is cute beyond words. And oh I did not know you were from HK! I was born in Guangzhou.

  5. Such a cute project, and a great way to salvage a shrunken sweater!

  6. wow, this is a great idea and i would've never thought about doing something like this. the swirly trim is perfect with the red too!

    cute and little

  7. That's so creative! What a great idea. I like the way you styled it with pearls too - very Emily Gilmore from Gilmore Girls.

  8. I love your refashion posts! I need to do that more with my clothes...I just need more time! =)

  9. Nice tutorial!!! I don't have that kind of talent but it sure is helfpul! LOL

  10. Your blog is so clever! I love all the DIYs you do, and they are all so simple! I'm following you! I hope you'll check out my blog and give me a follow back!

  11. Daisy351 - Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting! I will definitely shorten the sleeves - hope to get to it this weekend :)

    Kerry - Ah, good tip! I'll be careful when doing the sleeves. I'm not too experienced with sweaters so every tip is helpful!

    Cee - Thank you! I never thought of the qi pao - I mostly thought about Valentine's Day LOL.

    Jean - Aww, thank you! I'll have to post a more recent pic of him one of these days. Do you speak Cantonese?

    Elle / Kileen / Annie - Thank you so much ladies!

    Petite Mom - Thank you! I so love pearls :)

    Stylepint - Thanks! I would love to see any of your future projects!

    Jenny - Thanks for following and the kind words! I'm following your blog too :)


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