Monday, September 20, 2010

Petaled Shoulder Sleeveless Top DIY Tutorial

Ahh, the petaled shoulder top - this is one of my favorites and it's easy to boot!  The very first step to this tutorial is to create a basic tank (1st part of this post - directions here).  I used a navy polyester from Joann's that was labeled as "Baby Silk" and indeed it does feel very silky.  It has more of a matte finish so it doesn't look 1970s polyester which is also a plus.

Another retroactive tutorial after the jump...

Once you've created your tank, you're ready to cut and assemble your petals.  The beauty of this top is that you have all kinds of creative freedom in terms of size and shape of your petals, but I will just show you what I did for this particular top.

First, cut your petals.  I used 5 petals for each side and you'll need 2 flaps per petal for a grand total of 20 flaps.  I cut various shapes - mostly with one lobe and then a petal with two lobes (kind of looks like a butt).  Each shape = 4 flaps of fabric because I wanted the shoulders to be symmetrical.

Once you have 4 flaps of each shape, pair up the flaps of each shape with the "wrong" side of the fabric on the outsides.  Sew the flaps together (except for the flat top portion) and then flip inside out.  You should now have your petals.

See those triangles in the illustration above?  That's where you'll pleat your petals and sew up the top.

The first petal for attachment is the two-lobed one and you will just sew a straight line on the inside shoulder of the top (nearest your neck).

Next arrange the 2 smaller petals under the two-lobed petal and stitch it to the shoulder.  You can see where my stitches are in the picture above this one.

Do the same thing for the bottom 2 petals.  

Now repeat for the other shoulder and voila!  Petaled shoulder top!


  1. have you consider selling your stuff on your blog. i think it's really good....esp if you can make petite sizes!!! i'd definitely buy :)

  2. I agree with Ping! I can't even sew a button on, so there is definitely a market!

  3. Aww thanks ladies - that's so sweet of you! I am definitely a beginner / novice at sewing and though passionate about it - have a ways to go in honing those skills :)

  4. Cute! Where do you get your design inspirations?

  5. Fantastic - thank you soooo much for this! I can't believe how quickly you posted back :)

    I just need to work out the basic shell bit now. I went rummaging through my wardrobe last night and found something that might work... the only thing is that it has darts in the chest. I don't suppose you have any brilliant tips for accommodating them in the basic pattern? If not, I think it’s more than worth my while investing an a shop bought pattern to base this on, since I intend on making several ;)

    Speaking of which… there’s a top in Loft atm which I’m loving… and thinking is totally makeable thanks to your tank and corsage DIYs Which is a good thing because I now covet all things Loft related, but since I live in the UK, I’m not sure they’ll deliver to me. (The one I’m referring to is here if you’re interested

    Thanks so much again for the inspiration, and the guidance!

  6. Great job on that top. You are so creative. I agree, I hope you can turn it into more than a hobby if that is something you'd like to do. :-)

  7. You are so talented!!!! I love everything you do!!! :)

  8. PetiteXXS - Thanks! I love online browsing and usually look to LOFT, J. Crew, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor and BR for eye candy. Occasionally I'll mix/match/modify what I see into something that's a bit of a mishmash of everything.

    Little_Mz - You are very welcome! I hope your creation turns out well! For patterning, I think something with a dart-less front will be easier (my opinion only, bc I have not mastered darting at all). The more your patterning top looks like your end result top, the better. That's a cute LOFT top and I think it's definitely doable. You should start a blog or post pics somewhere of your projects! :)

    Sakie and Thomas and Really Petite - Aww, thank you! I think I'm going to get a big head from everyone's kind words LOL.


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