Monday, September 13, 2010

Draped & Gathered Cardigan and Ruffled Button Down DIY

 This won't be a formal tutorial since these are just follow-the-pattern creations (modified Butterick 5498 and Butterick B5284) but I wanted to show you all what I worked on this weekend :)

This draped / gathered cardi used a lightweight knit and was created by widening the front flaps by 4" (left flap that's swept over) and 2" (right flap).  Then I just manipulated the left flap a little bit for frayed edges and scrunched it for some pleating.  The buttons are decorative rather than functional and the closure is a simple hook and eye.  Total project cost: $6.

Here's another picture to show the shoulder detail:

The second project was inspired by all the J. Crew and LOFT ruffled button downs that I've seen all over the place lately.  This is a shirting fabric from Joann's.  Total project cost = $9.



  1. Great projects! Button-up blouses seem so difficult to make!

  2. Did you make the cardigan from an existing top? In any case, it looks lovely and very unique! The button down is a dead-ringer for one of AN's fav LOFT shirts I think... love to see how it looks on you. It's amazing that you're churning these projects out so fast!

  3. That button-down shirt looks amazing. I love all your projects. I borrowed my Mom's sewing machine last weekend and I hope to find time to replicate one of your projects

  4. PAG - There were a lot of pieces involved for the collar, button portions, and cuffs but the construction itself wasn't hard. I saw the striped dress you made from the H&M (?) t-shirts - I bet you could pick right up on sewing a button-up blouse using a pattern :)

    PetiteXXS - Thanks!! The cardi was actually a from-scratch project (and cheap to boot!). I have some kind of hobby bug. I caught it during the tail end of maternity leave and have been in a sewing / jewelry making frenzy ever since.

    PetiteLittleGirl - Thank you!! I would love to see any of your future sewing projects!

  5. So awesome! I wish I knew how to sew!


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