Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chan Luu Inspired Wrap Bracelet DIY Tutorial

Chan Luu bracelets, typically around $295

My version using this tutorial (sorry the original link no longer works, but click here for my version of the tutorial with video), total materials = $16

I saw this tutorial and just HAD to give it a shot.  My first try was an utter failure but once I got the hang of it, it got easier. One tip is to secure the leather laces to something so they're not flopping around when you're doing the weaving. I used a piece of cardboard and 2 binder clips to keep them stable and it was smooth sailing from there.

That said, I don't think I'm hip enough to actually rock the look...


  1. The tutorial link no longer works...do you have a way in which I can still see the tutorial?

  2. Hi Amanda - This tutorial was originally created by Robin @ Ruby Mines and was featured both on her blog and the craft site Cutoutandkeep.net but it now looks like both have been removed. :( If I find it again, I'll repost the link.

  3. I have been looking everywhere for this tutorial, but everywhere removed :( Wonder why?!
    Hope somebody will be able to find a good tutorial for this bracelet because its lovely and I really want to make one! :)

  4. I just found Ruby's http://buatkalunggelang.blogspot.com/2010/09/tutorial-chan-luu-turquoise-wrap.html

  5. You are really good at instructions! Very clear and precise. THAT is hard to find out here in cyberspace! So glad I stumbled across you looking for this bracelet tutorial! Hope you do plenty more - - - with audio, have someone else read it if you don't like your voice! Otherwise, perfect! Thanks

  6. Sharon - Thanks for finding it! This is the original tut.

    Jan - I'm glad it was helpful to you! Next time I'll try to wrangle hubby into narrating :)

  7. Thank you!! I've been searching for this tutorial for awhile now. I looked in several books in stores and couldn't find anything. Found your video on youtube and it directed me here.
    Love it and I will be trying this soon!

  8. And I'm going to start following your blog. :)

  9. OMG what a pretty Bracelets. This is my first time to this site but my friend has told me about your work and you are very very good!
    Wrap bracelets


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