Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Loft Ruffled Halter DIY Tutorial

My first tutorial so please bear with me!  :)  This one is a retroactive one since it's based on the Loft Ruffled Halter in the 8/23 post.

What I used / what you may need:

  • New Look Pattern 6785, use "A" and modify it for a shortened length and removed yoke
  • Fabric of your choice, preferably something with a little flow and relatively thin (sheers will work well here or something silky)

I usually cut up a size or two from what the pattern recommends.  It's much easier to trim / narrow something than try to adjust to make it bigger.  Follow the pattern for style "A" making sure you modify it for length.  You won't need to cut the yoke, but you'll want to extend the collar part a little so that you can create the casing for the strap.  The strap itself can really be as wide or narrow as you want it and the length will also be based on your preferences (high vs. low cut).  

Once the basic halter has been sewn, you can add the "ruffles."  Mine are really 3 sets of rectangles.  Each rectangle is composed of 2 rectangular fabric pieces sewn together on 3 sides and inverted so the sewn parts can't be seen.  Play around with the widths and lengths to get something that feels right for you.  My top 2 middle ruffles are wider than the other 4 since it's the focal point.  The top ruffles are just sewn on the inside where the casing is and flipped over to hide the stitching.  The bottom ruffles are slightly gathered and sewn right underneath the top 2 middle ruffles.

I hope this all makes sense!  The next tutorial will be more detailed step-by-step with more in process pics.  

Comments / feedback / likes / dislikes for the tutorial?  Please let me know!


  1. I really like the color! You make it sound easy, but I'm sure it's more complicated than that! My only comment would be that the ruffles look rather big, especially when you wear it tucked in like that... but maybe I'm biased because the ruffles on the LOFT top are smaller. In any case, great job and thanks for sharing! :)

  2. The more I look at the side by side photos of the halter, it makes me think my ruffles are def. too large. I may need to do a little tinkering :) Thanks for the feedback PetiteXXS!

  3. Wow...when I first glanced at this post I was wondering whether I missed the LOFT halter for sale in that lovely color? you did a great job with this top. I don't understand a word of the tutorial (despite having sewn a lot in the past, I am now useless and clueless about sewing) but it came out very nice. I agree with Petite XXS in that if the ruffle loops were a tad bit smaller it might look even better.

  4. Aww, thanks PAG! I have to admit, I wasn't quite sure how to retroactively write a tutorial without any in-process pics...but this will surely be fixed for future ones! :)


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