Thursday, August 26, 2010

Flower Sash DIY Tutorial

Aside from ruffles, I'm also a sucker for flower / petal details.  I know...I'm such a girly girl LOL.  I've been seeing a number of belts with large flowers so I decided to take a stab at making my own version.
A close up of the flower

Instructions after the jump...

What you'll need / what I used:
  • Scrap fabric.  I used cream colored fabric in three different textures - lace, tulle, and broadcloth.  You can use a monochromatic palette or mix and match colors as you choose.  
  • You'll need a total of 18 "petals" composed of circles (I used 3" circles - you can use a ribbon spool for a circle template).  
  • Since I had 3 types of fabric to incorporate, I cut 6 circles from each type of fabric.

  • Cut out a ~2" x 2" square of felt.  This will serve as the base for your flower.

  • Fold 4 circles into quarters and arrange pie-like onto your piece of felt.  Secure the points in a matching thread with a few stitches (see plus signs in green) connecting the petals to the felt.  My first 4 petals were broadcloth since it is a heavier type of fabric - not "fluffy" like lace and tulle.

  • Fold another 4 circles (I used the remaining 2 broadcloth with 2 tulle) into quarters and place this layer on top of the 1st layer by overlapping the edges.  

  • Keep repeating this until you have 2 odd circles left.  Fold these into petals for use as filler.  Add them in wherever you think the flower needs volume.
  • (Optional)  Add pearls or beads into the middle of the flower.  I stitched mine in but you can also you glue if you prefer.
  • Fluff your petals and attach it to a belt or long piece of ribbon with some well-placed stitches.
  • Voila!  You're finished!
2nd tutorial down - hope I'm getting better at it!  :)


  1. That's very pretty! The diagrams are great as well. I never thought I was such a girly girl until all these ruffles and flower details started showing up on clothes and I can't seem to get enough! :P

  2. We are operating on the same wavelength! Petals / ruffles / flowers - I am all over any kind of 3D embellishment! I'm glad the diagrams weren't confusing. I originally photographed the construction steps but the monochromaticity made it difficult to discern details.

  3. Yay! I'm so glad to see you've posted some stuff! I followed your link from the comments on my blog a while ago and nothing was up. But now I see you've been busy! Welcome to the petite fashion community. =)

  4. Thanks AN - I am definitely in good company with you, PetiteXXS, PAG, and others :) So glad I discovered all you petite bloggers!


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