Monday, August 23, 2010

Loft and J. Crew Inspired Ruffle Tops DIY

I have been obsessed with all things ruffles and petals this year.  I knew / know it's a fad so rather than spend hundreds collecting them all (you should see my last obsession - a collection of cardigans), I decided to try my hand at sewing them myself.  I'd feel much better wearing something for a season if it only cost $4 to make in materials.

Here is one of my more recent Loft inspired creations, you can find the original here.  I found a textured sheer fabric in a dusty purple color and thought it was perfect for this recreation.  There are some clear modifications - a looser body, one less ruffle, and "flat" ruffles versus looped ruffles, but all in all, I'm happy with how it looks.  

Second, is the J. Crew Grand Ruffle Shell (I think originally in a jersey material, no longer sold) recreated in a cream-colored broadcloth with matching chiffon.  The chiffon is doubled up, but I left the broadcloth in a single layer with raw edges so that I could get a frayed effect.

From here on out, I hope to create tutorials out of future projects (though I am by no means an expert of any kind)!


  1. Wow that's pretty neat! Those are two of my favorite (somewhat) recent acquisitions and it's pretty cool that you can replicate the look so inexpensively! I'd love to see a tutorial for that first top and also see how it fits on you!

  2. Thanks PetiteXXS! I'll take a modeling pic and post it soon as well as some additional info on how it was made. Also thanks for being my 1st follower - that's so awesome! :D

  3. Lol! You made the grand ruffle shell as well! I remember debating whether or not to get multiple colors a while back but found them to be too long. This one came out lovely as well. For future tutorials..maybe take some in-process photos of the actual sewing versus all text? Just my thoughts since I'm not much a sewer, but to fellow seamstresses your tutorial are probably pretty straightforward : )

  4. Awesome! I'm looking forward to your future tutorials. I'm going to echo what PAG said, and suggest you take photos during the process. I'm a noob unless I can see photos to explain what's going on...LOL.

    Great job on these two projects. They look great!

  5. Thanks PAG and AN! Yes, I will definitely be doing in-process or at the very least illustrated tutorials in the future. Thanks for reading and commenting :)

  6. Love your tutorials! The grand ruffle shell looks amazing! You got me inspired to make more of my own things! =)

  7. Thanks stylepint! I would love to see your projects :) Just visited your blog - love it - I'll add it to my blogroll.


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