Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter Coat DIY Part 2

After 3 weeks of tinkering and taking breaks, I've finally finished my winter coat project (part 1 here)!

Winter Coat DIY w/ quilted faux leather sleeves and pocket flaps

What it looks like on me

Difficulty: Intermediate-ish.  I wouldn't say it's hard, per se, but it is very time-consuming

Time: ~12 hours off and on over a course of 3 weeks

Pattern: Simplicity 2508, adjusted using the recommended petite lengths built into the pattern.  Made smaller patch pockets and added faux leather pocket flaps.

  • 2 yards of gray blizzard fleece from Joann's (Since this was my first real foray into outerwear, I wanted to use a more forgiving, i.e. cheaper material, as a practice run.  For reference, I purchased my fleece on sale for $3 / yd and wool - even the cheaper, itchy stuff - is around $30 / yd.  The benefit to fleece is that it looks wool-esque from a distance.  )  
  • 3/4 yards quilted faux leather from Fabrix
  • 6 toggle buttons from Joann's

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.  I will be experimenting more before tackling using a wool or wool blend.


  1. wow, that looks amazing. You're so talented! I've been teaching myself how to sew, but I think it'll take decades before I can do anything like that.

    1. Oh, you are too kind - thank you for your sweet comment!

  2. I agree. You are very talented. You do neat modifications to make it your own. Love this one!

    1. Thanks Gigi - I like to experiment - sometimes it turns out ok and sometimes it's a mess, lol

  3. that's beautiful! you have so much talent!

  4. nice coat.


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