Sunday, December 1, 2013

DIYs in Progress: Winter Coat (cont'd) and Jeweled Sweatshirt

With the holidays, I've been a little slow on sewing and DIYs lately, but here are a couple that are getting close to completion:

Winter Coat DIY - *almost* complete
As expected, this is the most complex and time-consuming project I've tackled.  Just needs buttons and buttonholes!

DIY Jeweled Sweatshirt
To avoid crowds, I did most of my Black Friday shopping online, but did venture to Target once things calmed down to pick up some DVDs for the kids.  While there, I found this cute Merona sweatshirt for only $12 (40% off apparel in stores on Black Friday) and decided I would try to create my own version of J. Crew Factory's Jeweled Raglan Sweatshirt (pinned here).  I've glued down the gems for now and plan to reinforce it with some stitching.

Strawberry Kit Kat bars, Cookies 'n' Cream Kit Kat bars, Panda Pocky, and Matcha Pocky
(from Genki Crepes, Inner Richmond area)
On a side note, I found some new Asian goodies today in the city.  Of all the Kit Kat flavors, I think I like Green Tea or original best, but I will never tire of trying all of the varieties :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


  1. What store in SF can you find those snacks? I'm planning a trip to SF this summer and want to try them after seeing so many green tea kit kats on Instagram :)

    1. Hi Olyvia :) Whoops - will update post - it's from Genki Crepes in the Inner Richmond area.

  2. Wow that coat is gorgeous! Did you sew from a pattern or did you design it as well?


    1. Thanks Stephanie! The pattern is Simplicity 2508 - you can make one too! :)

  3. I was so freaking obsessed with green tea pocky back in my highschool days!

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