Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fitting Room Reviews: J. Crew Factory & More

We wound up going to the outlets this past weekend and there were some decent sales at a good number of stores.

First, J. Crew Factory:

Floral Embroidered Sundress, 0, $36, (here)
See also on Gigi
The sister dress to this one here, I was enamored with the embroidery and the price tag (on clearance rack for $60 with an additional 40% off).  The 0 fit well in the waist and throughout the skirt but was tight in the chest / ribs.  I also preferred the cap sleeves of the sister dress to this one.
Verdict: No, didn't fit well

Girls' Printed Poet Blouse in Neon Persimmon, 14, $33, (here)
I tried this on after seeing the pretty print on Cee, but was surprised that this girls' blouse was both too big and too small on me.  The frame was pretty narrow making it difficult to extend my arms, but the body was incredibly full and fluffy making me look like a balloon.  
Verdict: No.  Kids clothing is always a hit or miss, this one was definitely a miss for me.

Cora Dress in Festival Green, 2, $36, (here)
For the price / shape / color, I was sad that they didn't have my usual size 0.  Hoping that it would run small, I tried on the 2.  The fit wasn't horrible, but the extra roominess and floppy chest made me look more rectangular than usual.  This dress is probably TTS.
Verdict: No for a 2, but would def buy a 0 for the $36 price tag

Back in the late 90s, I remember there was a big scandal with Tommy Hilfiger being racist - particularly against African and Asian Americans - so I had always avoided his merchandise.  Upon googling it a few weeks ago, I found it was all an urban myth (details here).  Feeling like I was free to re-examine the brand, I stopped in the store and was rather drawn to the nautical theme / Americana colors.

Striped Tee, XS, $27
I really liked the single red stripe and roll-tab sleeves.  The fact that it was soft and fit well was icing on the cake.
Verdict: Purchased

Striped Sleeveless Blouse, XS, $24.99
Loved the stripes as per usual, but wondered if it might be TOO red / white / blue.  Body had too much volume for my taste.
Verdict: No, not for me

Next, we headed to Banana Republic Factory store:
Wrap Dress, 2P, $32 (clearance)
I loved the color scheme of this and wish it had been more flattering.  The dress was a pullover style and did not have any zippers / closures.  Though this is convenient for dressing, this often means the fit only works on certain body types.  It did not work for me.  I felt like the blouse-y fit / lack of definition was a poor choice for my shape.
Verdict: No, not flattering

Striped Dress, 0P, $60
Like with the one above, I love the blue / green color scheme, but eek!  This was definitely too small for me and it struggled to contain my Mommy hips.  The chest, because it is virtually nonexistent after nursing 2 children, fit fine.  A good option for smaller ladies!  (If you're wondering, that small hand belongs to my toddler who was directing me on what to try on next :)
Verdict: No, but I have some fabric to recreate something similar ;)

Today's OOTD:
DIY Handkerchief Peplum Dress (original post here)
2 eBay Necklaces

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. My favorite is the one you made!! :)

  2. I really like both Tommy Hilfiger tops and the BR Striped Dress. I think something about navy and stripes is really sinking in to me. I'm surprised that both your necklaces were from eBay, at first I thought they were from J. Crew. How is the quality of the eBay necklaces as compared to branded necklaces?

    - Christine

    1. The quality is definitely lesser, but as a costume piece that I'm not planning on keeping for the long haul, it's fine for the price :)

  3. I'm in love with both those necklaces! Are they from a particular brand, or a no name brand from ebay? Would you mind posting either information?

    1. Purchased here!

  4. My favorite out of the bunch is your creation. That white peplum dress is so pretty. The Cora dress is super flattering on you. I love the color as well. Can you call and see if they can locate a size 0 for you? Thanks for the review, S! I haven't set foot in a shopping mall for weeks =)

  5. Really like the Hilfiger tops, thoss are very cute. Love the necklaces, could you post details on the seller of those?

    1. Sure!

    2. Thank you so much - I haven't been able to justify the cost of J Crew necklace, much as I like them, since I'm not sure I'll wear it for more than a season or two & even if I did, they sure are pricey for costume jewelry ;D

  6. My favourite is the Cora dress in green. The colour looks stunning!

  7. lol, i love the small had in that picture. i never even heard that about Tommy Hilfiger. i'm so behind even on fake news. thanks for the reviews!

  8. Hehe on the supposed racist practices of Tommy Hilfiger. Glad it was all an urban myth :D. The DIY peplum dress is amamzeballs!

  9. I like both of those stripe Hilfiger items. I totally remember that rumor and I thought it was true. I didn't really look at his clothes because of it. Thanks for the link. I didn't realize he sold the brand. I like the Cora dress on you & the J Crew art deco type necklace. Can't think of the name.

  10. I love the accessories on your white dress. Try checking out WHBM because they have something similar in style that you might like.


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