Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mixed Leopard Scarf DIY & Mini Tutorial

I saw this soft cotton material at Fabrics R Us in San Jose and fell in love with the mix of patterns and colors.  If you sew and live in the area, I highly recommend FRU - their selection is massive and the prices are fantastic.

I've been on a bit of a scarf kick lately and this is a fast / easy project - great for any beginner sew-ers!

Project Difficulty: Easy
Time: ~20 min

Mixed Leopard Scarf DIY

What You Need:
  • 2 yards of a lightweight fabric - cottons or chiffons work well.  It's best to look for a fabric whose front and back are either the same or look very similar.  You can make 2-3 scarves out of this material depending on how wide you'd like it.  

What I did: 
  • Since my fabric was thin and drape-y, I decided to cut it as a wide rectangle (28 x 72") in order to get a little volume.
  • For those with sergers, you can just run it through your machine using either rolled or narrow hemming features (I used narrow for this scarf).  For those with a regular sewing machine, I've heard that you can buy a narrow hemming foot to finish the edges.

Serger Instructions for Rolled Hemming and Narrow Hemming 
(either can be used for a scarf)
  • And that's it!  You basically just cut a rectangle (or square if you prefer) and sew along the edges to prevent it from fraying.

Adds a little interest to an otherwise normal ensemble

Speaking of scarves, there's a few days left before my scarf giveaway is over!
Easiest giveaway ever - just click and enter a comment - that's it!

To all those who have entered and offered feedback, thank you so much!  You've given me many great ideas for future posts!  Special thanks to Rosie H. for the idea to add a difficulty scale to projects and Ronke / Cdang / Hongru for suggesting a mini tutorial on making scarves. :)

Stay tuned for more suggestions-turned-posts including one on fabric selection and figuring out which fabrics work best for which projects!


  1. Very unique scarf! Love the patterns. Can't wait for the upcoming posts!

  2. Thank you so much for the fabric store tip. I never get around to going to the South Bay, but maybe a "field trip" is in order to chase that striped fabric you used for the "Kate Spade" dress. Gorgeous!

  3. We find out in a month if we'll be in northern Cali for 2 years come next summer. we'll be 45 min from San Jose...i smell a meetup!

  4. Very pretty!

    Catching up on your the Kate Spade inspired dress on you. And the spikes fun! Your food post made me so hungry! :p

  5. Love the scarf and the smile! Cant wait for the upcoming posts!

  6. What a great print on the scarf :) If ever I saw some in store I will make a scarf too :)

  7. ohh we'll have to chat this weekend about the fabric store and your thoughts. wished it wasn't so far!

    this is such a beautiful scarf! will you wear it with your green dress too when i see you. LOL!

  8. hmm... it's not incredibly far from me. I must make a mental note to check this place out. i've always wanted to learn how to sew with a sewing machine... i don't think i have enough practice because i can't really sew a straight line. lol.


  9. I've been on a scarf kick lately, too!

    That mixed print is so fun!


  10. Sew (so) great ideas. I must try the maxi makeover with that idea. love it!


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