Wednesday, October 10, 2012

J. Crew Factory Fitting Room Reviews

A couple of weeks before the move, my husband announced that he needed to go to the outlet mall to return something.  Truth be told, I was itching to do something besides prep for the move so I was positively elated.  While there, I stopped by the J. Crew and Banana Republic Factory stores (BR reviews coming up soon).

And just a note on sizing: Since taking up running and watching my food intake (gasp, a diet...kind of), I've lost 2 inches each in the waist, gut and hips.  Guess there was quite a bit of extra insulation there, LOL.  So while I used to go for a XS / 0 at J. Crew, I am now also trying XXS when available.

Factory Downtown Field Jacket, XXS, $125 (don't see online)
(Left: waist snaps normally and Right: tightened)
After seeing this on bloggers like Amber (retail version) and Gigi (thanks for the alert on Factory availability!), I was really interested in seeing what it would look like on me.  This is the XXS with a sweater underneath.  The torso is a little boxy on its own, but if you tighten the waist snaps, it will give you more of a fitted effect.  XXS fits nicely in the shoulders and arms, sleeves are a little long and hit at tip of thumbs, a little roomy in the chest (a good thing as I hate when buttons pull there), and the length hits me at mid to low hip.  I LOVE the gold buttons and I loved the way it looked in the mirror, but upon reviewing the photos, it didn't seem as flattering as I had thought.
Verdict: No for now, but would consider on further sale

Factory Classic Pea Coat, Warm Lemon, Sz 0, (buy here)
I was really drawn to the gold buttons (I'm a magpie drawn to shiny objects, I tell ya) and the bright yellow color of this coat.  It fit pretty well - sleeves not too long, torso not too tight nor boxy, but ultimately I felt like the collar was too big for my taste.  Too much framing of my head - reminds me of the Cabbage Patch Kids:

Verdict: No

Factory Wool-Blend Long Open Cardigan, XXS, $60, (buy here)
I've been looking for a classic camel cardigan and thought this might be a good option.  Unfortunately, I felt a little too "Mr. Rogers" in this particular style.  I think it's the length?  For XXS, I felt like this fit a little big, but I'm not sure if this is due to the open nature.  This was also a little on the itchy side.
Verdict: No

Factory Cap-Sleeve Pocketed Dress, Sz 0, ~$30 (buy here)
This was another one of those that I liked in the mirror until I looked at the picture.  It fit very nicely and provides that tummy hiding that I love so much about J. Crew dresses.  What I didn't like in the picture was that it seemed to make my top look a little wide.  I tend to look for things that help cut me a slimmer silhouette if possible and am a little sensitive about things that make me look bigger.
Verdict: No, but would look great on a different body type - great price too!

Anyhoo, it appears that being on maternity leave for a full year has left me feeling picky and semi-stingy.  Too bad it takes a year without income to make me more fiscally focused.  How do you exercise shopping restraint (if applicable)?


  1. Oh, you look great on downtown field jacket. You were lucky to find XXS... (I didn't! I love my jacket now so it does not matter...but...) I like the last dress on you too. I can understand what you mean, but still pretty on you!

  2. I didn't know they made the field jacket in xxs. :) Thanks for the reviews!
    I'm on a break which mean no income so I'm trying to really focus on figuring out what I need in my closet and trying to find the best deal for it. xoxo, Phoebe

  3. I don't shop at much now but when I do I have to make sure that I will wear it multiple times to make it worth it. So lucky you were out for a year, I was only out for 6 weeks :(

  4. "I tend to look for things that help cut me a slimmer silhouette if possible" -- who doesn't, haha! I'm also very sensitive to how the top fits, even though I have little to no bust. Weird huh? Anyways, glad you showed restraint. I think restraint is wonderful. Who needs clothes that don't fit right and that you don't love! I wish my hubby would say he needed to go to the outlet ;)

  5. I'm wondering what you do for jackets that fit well in the body, but the sleeves are too long. I've run into this problem a lot. Is the only solution to get it altered? As always, I love your reviews! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Ive decided that i wont shop until I wear everything in my closet atleast once! Exception being the Thanksgiving sale :)

  7. My shopping restraints has improved with blogging, like if it looks bad on camera, don't buy it or return it! Also, I think making a list of what I need and sticking to it has been helping. I do enjoy your fitting room reviews, so even if you don't buy anything, I still like the pictures! : )

  8. Man, that Downtown Field jacket looks great on you! Good for you for exercising restraint, I don't know how these days :-)
    When are you moving to the Bay? Best of luck with your move, and I'm sure you're going to fall in love!

    Another Anthro Blog

  9. i tried on that downtown field jacket today! i loved it, but i had to pass b/c of the price... maybe if it goes down more...

    Sandy a la Mode

  10. congrats on losing 2 inches. =) I like that dress, although it may need some alterations for me.

  11. Keep up the good work. I'm trying to shop better and shop less.

  12. The field jacket looks good. Its perfect when I go biking...
    I love the pocketed dress too!
    Thanks for this review, doll!!!
    Hope you'll visit my blog as well! :)
    Do follow too if you like it! :)

  13. I rarely find things that fit me well at JCrew Factory. I always leave feeling disappointed (albeit a little relieved I didn't blow lots of money)




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