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Blogger Profile: Elle of Fast Food & Fast Fashion

I fell in love with Elle of Fast Food & Fast Fashion's style a couple of years ago when I came across her WIFW (wear it five ways) posts.  I thought it was genius that she tested out remixes and could come up with SO many different and creative ways to wear a single item.  She can also review an item like nobody's business.  Extremely detailed, thoughtful, and well-written posts often comparing multiple sizes (and noting their measurements) so that we can all have a clear picture of what might or might not fit from the comfort of our homes.  Let's get to know Elle a bit better, shall we?  :)

Signature Elle - feminine and chic

About You:
  • Tell us 5 random things about yourself:
  1. I have unpierced ears (I am too pain-averse to have considered it) 
  2. studied Latin and Greek
  3. have been at my current height since about age 12
  4. love dogs but never actually owned one
  5. was a three-sport athlete in high school
  • Aside from blogging, what are your hobbies? 
I enjoy running and run nearly everyday. I also play lacrosse and toss the football with my boyfriend in the warmer months.
  • What are you looking forward to in the next year? 
My work responsibilities will probably change drastically in the latter part of next year and I will likely be traveling a lot more for work. I am at once excited and a little nervous about the challenge but look forward to that change of pace.

Absolute perfection = tweed + pearls + sparkle

Your Blog:
  • What inspired you to blog?
I started blogging in late 2010 after becoming loyal readers of several fashion blogs and was eager to develop and share my own style journey. I was also relatively new to a 9-5 job and desperately needed a creative outlet that allowed me to explore this part of my interest outside of work.
  • Where did your blog name come from?
I get asked this a lot but I don't have a great answer. I like fast fashion stores and love fast food even more - it made sense at the time but not a lot of thought was put forth in coming up with a more creative name.
Detailed review of the J. Crew Big-shot Dot Dress 
  • What is your favorite part of blogging?
The friendships I've forged with other bloggers and readers and the feedback that I've received - comments, good or bad, have made me a more mature person in learning to accept criticism instead of take offense to them.
  • What is the most surprising thing you've encountered while blogging? 
How small this world is! I sometimes recognize names and faces of people from my offline life on my "followers" list (and they have no idea I am me - I look pretty different without sunglasses on).

One of her amazing Wear it Five Ways (though 6 here) posts

Your Style:
  • What is currently on your wishlist? Would any items change if you won the lottery?
There are so many items on my wishlist (I have a sartorial bucket list on my blog that I update from time to time). I don't think those items would change if I were to win the lottery - I am a little superstitious and think that money which came so easily need to be spent incredibly sparingly.
  • What are your top 5 wardrobe staples for fall? 
A stone-colored trench, a pair of skinnies in a rich color, a pair of knee-high boots, a piece of statement jewelry, and a dress in an interesting fabric (tweed, leather, etc.)
  • What are your favorite purchases this year?
I've crossed several items off my wishlist this year but one of my favorites is a camel leather tote bag.
  • And a random one - what was your style as a teenager? How (if applicable) has it changed today?
My style as a teenager was chaotic - there was no rhyme or reason to my clothing choices at the time. It's changed a lot since then as I've started to develop a more cohesive style and made purchases that "make sense".

Looking beautiful in my Chevron Peplum Skirt

Thanks Elle - both for starting your blog and for being part of my blogger profiles :)


  1. Love Elle's feature, S. The aspects of her fashion that you highlighted are my favorites of hers too.

    1. I too, don't have pierced ears, though not for the same reason. I just... never gave it much thought.

    2. Ah ha, so that's the reason behind Elle's vast vocabulary. I knew I should've taken Latin over French.

    Whoa, there are people you know in real life who follow your blog but don't recognize you?! I remember saying to you that you look the same in real life as you do on your blog :)

    1. hehe I think people just didn't think to associate me with fashion blogging. :p

  2. I also agree. Her reviews are absolutely amazing! And like her (and Cee up above) I don't have pierced ears either.

  3. I love Elle's reviews! And wish I had her athleticism :)

  4. Love this! Elle, you should consider piercing your ears! It's not as painful as you think and it literally takes a split second. : )

  5. I follow both of you ladies' blogs, so I enjoyed reading this guest post! :)

    @ Elle - Which sports did you do in high school? Love your girly style!

    @ SewPetiteGal - I love that chevron peplum skirt... you are so incredibly talented!

    Love, S

  6. Love the looks on the post. Such a classy and girly style. The "wear it 5 way" post is super creative!! Can't wait for more fashion posts from you! - xo

  7. Love this little interview! Will have to check out her blog. :)


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