Sunday, July 1, 2012

Going Overboard w/ Nautical DIYs

Quickie post today on some recent DIYs.

Nautical, nautical, nautical.  I feel like that's the only theme that runs through my head nowadays.  There's even a small Twitter group (Aubrey, Cee, ElleYing and me), wittily dubbed the Anchor Brigade by Elle, devoted to nautically inspired shopping finds :)

Sailor's Knot Anchor Bracelet

Triple Wrap Bracelet w/ Anchor Closure

Striped Pearl Ribbon Bracelet (buy here)

Bronze Anchor Earrings
Gold Anchor Earrings
Sailboat Earrings

Red, White & Blue (and Gray) Leatherette Bracelet

Past nautical DIYs, click on pictures for full post:

Nautical bracelets and Looped rope necklace

Nautical skirt and Lighthouse peplum top

Have you gone overboard with nautical?  (Yes, I'm cheesy like that)


  1. Love the peplum top! I been wanting one myself, but haven't found a good fitting one yet.

  2. I love all of these! Especially that first bracelet. I need to make one.

  3. Oh man, I just love the first 2 bracelets.

  4. btw still stalking lands end canvas's belt. still not on sale. who knew SPG? who knew it was only a limited time sale???

  5. I seriously LOVE all your nautical things! I just bought that striped ribbon bracelet... I can't wait to get it! :)

  6. I love all your DIY nautical bracelets :) My fave is probably that last one :) Did you DIY the earrings too?

  7. This post makes me want to go on a cruise vacation :) Ahhh, that peplum blouse! I finally scored a decent blue peplum blouse from Zara recently, but of course had to have it altered. Now onto the hunt for the peplum skirt...

  8. Thanks again for the nautical rope bracelet, S! I like it very much. Nautical is such a classic theme but very modern as the same time. Looks like you're all set for the Fourth =)

  9. You made ALL these yourself???!!!! The white squiggly necklace is so eye catching. In fact, I'm blown away by the pieces you'd made. They're truly beautiful.

  10. No such thing as too much nautical. It's never 'out.'

  11. I love these, especially those anchor earrings!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. I haven't really gone overboard with the whole nautical theme. I do have earrings and a necklace with anchors on them...I'll have to see if I can find it and put it to use for July's outfit posts.

  13. You can never have too much nautical. I love all the one you have.

  14. all of these are amazing-love the first bracelet and the lighthouse peplum-how adorable!


    Erin @

  15. Wow, S you have been BUSY! I love all your creations!

  16. I happen to be in lurrve with the nautical trend, so these DIYs are perfect for me.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  17. I LOVE that first bracelet - it's just beautiful! Do you sell this stuff? You should if you don't :)


  18. Love the cheese ;) Love that leatherette bracelet!

    1. Hehehe, there's a lot more cheese factor where that came from :D

  19. I love it all!
    I've actually been looking for some silver nautical buttons to put onto my bright blue coat. Searching ebay has just gotten me more and more confused though.

  20. I love your nautical jewelry SPG! Keep it up and start selling them! ;)

  21. I love all of of each


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