Thursday, April 3, 2014

Accessory Deals & Finds on eBay

As we prepare to re-enter the realms of home ownership, I've dramatically cut down on my spending.  For the last 3 months, my credit card bills have not exceeded $50.  At the height of my shopping craze (pre-kids and living in the super affordable midwest), I would easily spend up to $300 a month on clothes alone.

Rather than quit cold turkey, I like to indulge myself in little shopping treats on a monthly basis.  Lately, I've been scouring eBay when insomnia rears its ugly head.  All of these are under $20 with free shipping, and I would caution not to expect fantastic quality. For me personally, it satiates some kind of inner shopping demon for a small price at a low frequency.

Map Scarf, $16.99 
This was my treat for April and should be arriving in a couple of weeks.  I have an affinity for all kinds of map prints and ordered this scarf in blue.

This brings me to map phone cases.  I had considered purchasing one of these, but have yet to pull the trigger:
From left to right: $3.19, $9.99, $9.99

For jewelry, I've been eyeing the following:
From left to right: $19.73, $17.85, $18

Happy shopping!


  1. Pretty scarf! The map print case on the left is very cute!

  2. Cute scarf! You gonna make it into something or use it as a scarf? I certainly know what you mean about wanting to spend a lot less b/c you want to buy a home. I'm hunkering down this year.

  3. The map printed scarves are cute and I love the phone cases too~ but I have an android phone.

  4. lol, I kind of do the same when I'm on a shopping ban. Instead of clothes, I start buying little accessories like coin purses or those reusable shopping totes, especially those handmade ones from Etsy lately!

  5. I've cut myself off from buying necklaces since I find I rarely wear them... but I do love your picks! Especially the one in the center.

    7% Solution

  6. Nice choices. I'm really cutting back on spending this year too! By the way, I have that same scarf. Beware, after I washed it the first time, it has had horrible static cling ever since. Maybe this won't happen to you. or maybe you'll have some tips for getting rid of it so the scarf will go back to its original fluffy form?



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