Thursday, September 5, 2013

Paisley Gown Black Tie DIY (Part 2)

After making this Black Tie DIY a few weeks ago and deciding it wasn't "right", I went back to the drawing board for a different fabric and bodice design.

Material: 4 yards polyester (feels almost like a taffeta - thin and papery) from Fabrics R Us

Pattern: Bodice from Butterick 5182, self-drafted skirt (120 x 45" rectangle)

Difficulty: Intermediate bodice, easy skirt

Time: ~8 hours over 3 days (had fit issues with bodice) and still need to insert the zipper

Paisley Gown DIY

My favorite part - the drapey effect of the top

Little pleats for the skirt

High back for full coverage

Butterick 5182
Though I loved the sleek look of this, I knew that every midsection bulge would show in this type of silhouette.  I also made the "keyhole" in the bodice much smaller in mine.

I'm planning on curling my hair and pulling it into a low side bun a la Carrie Underwood:

2 more weeks until the event!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'll definitely post pics here or on IG after the event :)

  2. Looking forward to see you model it. The dress is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Sydney! I'm so excited to see you again soon!

  3. That is a beautiful dress! Just curious though, fabric isn't exactly cheap. May i ask roughly how much it costs to make a dress? I'd like to learn to sew my own dresses but I just wonder about the cost (especially since as a newbie, i'm bound to go through lots of fabric).


    1. Hi Maggie! I hate to give you a "it depends" answer, but there are quite a few factors in pricing. Stores, materials, and dress type are all variables. To give you a ballpark, most of my dresses take 2 yards of fabric and cost about $5 / yard. A zipper is usually around $1.50 so net cost is ~$12 for most dresses I've made.

      For the gown here, I got an AMAZING deal on the fabric (I think around $2.50/yd) so this cost ~$12 as well. As a newbie, I would recommend starting on a cotton or cotton like fabric. It won't wiggle around on you or slip during sewing / cutting. It's also relatively economical to purchase. Hope this helps!

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    1. Thanks Abby! :) It was fun to make both! It's hard to justify *buying* frivolous items, but much easier to pshaw away *making* frivolous items :D

  5. I absolutely love this dress! I'm still pretty new to sewing but I'd really like to give a try! :) Do you have any tutorials for a similar skirt?

    1. Hi Nikele! Thank you for your kind words! You can use this tutorial for something similar If you like the maxi length of this one, you can use the dimensions I did - 120 x 45". Hope that helps!

    2. Thank you so much!!


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