Sunday, January 27, 2013

Plaid Peplum DIY Project

I started this project quite a bit ago and only just now got around to taking photos of it.  Inspired by Phiphi's tartan peplum, I made this out of a navy / hunter green plaid fabric.  I also made a removable collar to layer underneath this top and my sweaters.  I do love a good interchangeable piece :)

 How I wore it:
DIY Peplum Top
Old Navy Bow Belt, LOFT Blazer, and F21 Necklace (all old)

I got to try out Hog Island Oysters with Ping yesterday and we met Karen for a little shopping afterwards.  We, unfortunately, did not find any vintage treasures, but I did find out they are fellow green tea enthusiasts and we plan to get together again soon for some green tea tiramisu (the one from Jess's instagram) :)  It is so lovely to be able to get together with fellow bloggers!

Top: Clam Chowder
Bottom: Oyster Stew
Right: Grilled Cheese
Mmm, mmm good!

Waiting for our food (Ping on left, me on right)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love the plaid peplum! Adding a removable collar is genius! You're all about the revamping the peplum style.

  2. The Peplum turned out great!!

  3. The peplum looks so chic...and drooling over the food pics!

  4. So jealous of your meet up with Ping and Karen! The food looks amazing!

    Especially love the peplum with the jacket.

  5. That is so cute! Did you use a pattern, make your own, or was it somewhere in between?

    1. Hi! I used the bodice from McCall M5972 ( and then just pleated an approximately 55x9" strip onto the bottom :)

  6. Great peplum top! I love peplums. That removable collar is pretty nifty.

  7. the top looks fantastic! you did such a great job, as always!

    i hope you had fun at the meet-up! xox P

  8. it was so good to hang out with you again! i'm really glad the boys hit it off and had fun without us. LOL.
    thanks for all the sewing tips too! :D
    we'll have together soon to try the green tea tiramisu!

  9. S, thank you for indulging my request for a HIO photo! YUM. I miss their chowder so, so much :(

    I love when you take run-of-the-mill silhouettes and add your own variation. Case in point, the removable collar is genius! This is on par with the removable peplum and ruffles on the one-shouldered dress as my favorites.

  10. What a cute top and love the interchangeability too! Genius! I love matcha!!!

  11. Love the versatility of your top and you've styled it perfectly with the bow belt, necklace, and blazer! LOVE IT! xoxo

  12. Love this and Love the detachable collar! How smart of you to keep the collar detached!!

  13. Thanks for all the're an inspiration to all my sewing projects... :)

  14. Beautiful photo of you girls and I love seeing all of your DIY projects! Yes to green tea tiramisu soon! :)

  15. how preppy and fun! this has to be one of my faves of your DIY diva-skills. the shape and removable collar are so striking


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