Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kate Spade Ellis Sweater Inspired DIY Tutorial

I first fell in love with this sweater on New Girl last week.  When I saw Emma from Glee wear it last night, I knew I had to try my hand at DIYing a version.  I usually can't DIY something quite so quickly but this one is a fast and easy project using supplies I already had on hand.

See tutorial after the jump.

What I Used:
  • A short-sleeved sweater
  • Pearls
  • Wire (not sure what gauge as it was in my supply box unlabeled, but something relatively thin that will withstand the pearl weight while keeping its shape)
  • 2 seed beads
  • Wire cutter (nail clippers work too)

String the pearls for your bow onto your wire. 
I used ~60 pearls but you can use less or more depending on the size you want

Criss-cross your bow tails

Take one tail and move it up and over the center of your bow loop

Wrap the tail's wire around the loop a few times

If there's any visible wire, arrange your pearls tightly to hide it

Oops - the watermark hides this but add a seed bead to the end

Then thread your wire from the seed bead back up through the pearl.  This will hold your pearls in place.  Wrap the wire a few times above that pearl and snip off excess.  Do this for each side.

Your finished pearl bow.  The wire will allow you to manipulate it as you like.

String pearls onto another piece of wire for the necklace portion.  I made mine long enough to slip over my head so I wouldn't have to worry about adding a clasp.  Take the wire from the necklace and wrap it onto your bow loop to connect them together.  Do this for each side.

Necklace and bow connected

Finished project now ready to adorn your short-sleeved sweater!

If I were to do this project over, I'd probably make the loops longer so it'd be more floppy-looking like the Kate Spade version.

I'm excited to wear this the Kate Spade way and underneath a collared shirt.  How would you wear it?


  1. I LOVE NEW GIRL! Zoeey is my fav and I always find myself either chuckling or laughing out loud when watching that show. My kind of humor!!!! Anyways, cute cute cute DIY pearl bow!!! I'd love it under a collar!

  2. Now this is DIY that I think I can do. Thank you for the wonderful DIY!

  3. Cute and easy (at least it looks) DIY!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Great DIY SPG :) Really simple yet chic :) I would love to see how you style it :)

  5. Very pretty! This would be great to attempt with other beads, too. You make me want to get all my old beads from my parents house and try to get crafty this summer!

  6. this is such a fun lil diy! definitely really simple and can make a statement with just a plain tee.

  7. love thiss!

  8. How creative! I would've never thought to do something like this. You make it look so easy. It really made such a difference to the simple tee.

  9. Cute! It came out great, looks just like the original!

  10. What a beautiful job! You and Mongs are always presenting great DIY projects with clear directions that we can follow.

    1. Thanks Bessie! I'll have to check out Mongs too!

  11. Love it! Such a classy touch to a plain sweater.

  12. although yours is not as floppy, i like it much better because it's a neater bow. :) you did an amazing job! yes, and great step-by-step instructions. :)

    have a lovely wknd!


  13. What a wonderful idea with this bow, I need to try this too!
    And thanks so much for your sweet comment!

    xxx Anita

  14. I actually like your bow better! What a great tutorial and I think a collared skirt underneath with a pencil skirt would be tres chic....LOVE.

  15. Brilliant tutorial! And so easy! I need to stop by Michaels for supplies.



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