Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Preggy Chronicles Vol. 3: Preparations for Baby

Pregnancy check-in:

  • Gestational Time:  28 weeks - 12 more to go!  (Only 8 more until maternity leave - woohoo!)
  • Weight Gain:  22 lbs (I may have to be stricter with my diabetic diet bc I only gained 19 lbs total with our son)
  • Added Inches: +11 at the tummy, + 6 at the "waist"
  • Current Cravings:  Chicken Salad with Buffalo Sauce, Tamales, Carne Asada, Fried Pickles
Baby Names
We've actually had a baby girl name in mind since my first pregnancy and I think we are sticking to it.  When asked, we have a tendency to just say we don't have a name yet.  Hubby had a friend who wanted to name her baby "Savannah" and a well-meaning(?) person informed her that was the name of a porn star.  In order to prevent our bubble from being busted, we'll just stay tight-lipped until her arrival.  

A Chinese middle name was much more difficult to think of.  Both hubby and I immigrated to the US as infants so while familiar with Cantonese, are not what you would call proficient.  We've been bumbling around for the longest time but then came across this nifty website which allows you to input the English name, gender, date of birth, and desired meaning.  We chose one that means kindness and intelligence.  Mom thinks the characters are a bit funny for a girl but eh, what are you going to do?

Baby Purchases
  • Coming Home Outfit:  Ruffles on the tush!  The one I ordered is actually pale pink with just one polo figure at the chest, but this is the only photo I could find online that showed the cute little butt ruffles

  • Nursery Decor:  We are putting this on hold until our move next spring / summer but I'm planning on a lavender room with panda bears :)  (Gorgeous Etsy offering from Designed Designer - buy here)

  • Misc. Clothes:  A bunch of little dresses, socks / tights, hair accessories :)  Plus, a little splash of Burberry doesn't hurt anyone!

    • Neutral Hand Me Downs:  I saved some Gucci sneakers and a Burberry sweater from big brother too!  After Baby Girl, I'm going to have these framed into a shadow box keepsake.  In general, I didn't want to buy TOO many designer baby items since they grow so fast but I just couldn't resist buying a few pieces for family pics and for handing down.

To all those with siblings (both hubby and I are only children), any words of wisdom for welcoming #2 / making #1 still feel special?

P.S. - I'm still a bit behind on responding / commenting, but will catch up this weekend!!  


  1. Ooh, that panda art is absolutely perfect. Is a 20-something too old for that on her wall? *ahem*myself*cough* LOL. Ugh, I cannot stand it when people give unsolicited advice that isn't their business. I'm sure porn stars have every name under the sun. Also--didn't that person's remark say a little too much about himself/herself?

    I'm an older sister! My mom said I loved my younger brother from day 1. Of course, we fought plenty of times as kids =P. I remember enjoying helping out with little tasks as young as 4 or 5 years old, like carrying small bags for my mom when she had to to push the wobbly travel stroller around. It made me feel responsible, especially when I got praised for being a such a good girl. =)

    From what I've been told, you never know with the baby welcoming for the older sibling. My boyfriend is an older brother. His parents told him that when they brought his baby sister home, he cried so hard and demanded that they go back to the hospital and bring back a boy! Hahaha!

  2. what a great update! i can't believe how far along you are and i'm so excited seeing how you're getting ready to welcome your new bundle of joy. and i had no idea a chinese baby name website like that existed but it's something i might end up looking at too when we decide to have kids!

    and chicken salad with buffalo sauce sounds delish. :)

    cute & little
    Sproos Shop Giveaway for cute hair accessories!

  3. We're not telling the name either. We also had to nix one due to the adult entertainment issue. Our other name choice was a huge, worldwide superstar. *lol* the lil Guccis are so cute.

  4. Awwww I love baby things, thanks for sharing.

    I don't know why people feels compelled to tell expecting parents about things about "Savannah" being the name of a porn isn't a weird alternate spelling of the name nor is it a particularly prevalent name associated with adult video stars. I am sure whatever you choose for your baby girl will be wonderful, can't wait to finally "meet" her.

    But speaking of baby names, there's a chapter devoted to it in Freakonomics that I thought was interesting. If you get bored during your maternity leave (hehe I am sure you'll be busier than ever then), maybe rent that movie?

  5. girl, congrats! You are so brave to go through pregnancy. :)

    Well I am the eldest in the family. When I was born, my parents bought everything new and devoted lotsa time for me. When my sis was born, they sorta slacked a little. So I can feel that the 2nd one won't really get the best. Although babies know nothing about things like this. :P However, I did get jealous when I see my mum concern my baby sis more than me. So I think u and your husband can sorta split the duties and give attention to both at the same time.

    I am so excited for u! good luck girl! :)

  6. I love these updates! It lets me be more informed for the future! As for Chinese names, I think I will just let my parents figure that one out for me when the time comes! =D Oooh, such the cute outfits and I love the nursery decor!

    I've heard of parents giving a present to the first-child and telling him/her it's a present from the new baby. =P That doesn't seem to be a long-term solution though! Hahaha. =D Let us know what you learn!

  7. Awww the baby clothes are so, so cute! I especially love the coming home outfit. I think it's great how you're passing down items from the older sibling to the younger one. Got to get as many uses out of those designer items as possible!

    I'm older than my brother by 3 years, and I really can't remember what it was like, haha. I'm sure there were times that I felt left out, or ignored, but maybe it's a good thing he was born when I was so young? I don't have much advice, but I'm sure both of your children will feel loved :)

  8. I agree w/Cat in Calico. " I'm sure porn stars have every name under the sun. " so are parents going to live in fear bc someone might say to their child, "oh are you named after the porn star?" c'mon now...

    I thought Bella Donna was a pretty name (not for my future daughter, but pretty) bc of the flowers, but Bella Donna is also a hard core porn star. (yes I've seen her vids. hahahaha) Should that really stop a person from naming their child that though? That's just silly. I think it's worse to name your child after a well known character, like Luke Skywalker or Indiana Jones. How much more embarrassing would that be?!! vs Savannah, the porn star who probably has a 5 yr career span and nobody will ever mention her again once your child is full grown.

    Here's another perspective. my friend's last name is Chupp; she literally wanted to name her daughter Catherine so her nick name can be Cat Chupp (as in ketchup). Now that! That is much more awful than Savannah, the porn star. If anything, I think Savannah, a southern Georgia-peach kinda girl who goes to catillion and rides horses.

    @elle, I've read that part of the book. I highly agree w/it and believe names have a high correlation w/personality, lifestyle, career, etc.

  9. I love this post! All the babies things are so cute. : ) Savannah being a porn star name?? No. Look at my name - I am 100% sure there is a porn star named Jessy. LOL And I agree with Aubrey in believing that names have a high correlation with all that stuff.


    obsessed with those burberry socks.. i'm totally obsessed with trumpette socks too.. i think the ones that look like little converses are so bleepin' cute!

    omgosh i can't believe you have gold gucci baby shoes. SO FREAKIN' CUTE! hahah

  11. AWE! The stuff you picked is fabulous! No real words of wisdom for making the 1st feel special except I think some people buy their first a big sister big brother gift "from" the new baby...

    Aesthetic Lounge

  12. OMG you are a week behind me I am 29 weeks tommorow!!! Wow I am glad I found your blog and I love it very much especially in regards to the pregnancy of course. I have a 21 month old daughter who will be 23 months older than her little sister and she is acting a little off the wall lately because she knows something big is coming :) I am very happy for you and can't wait to see more of your pregnancy. I have a new blog so I will be posting as well about my pregnancy which I have an ultrasound already. TTYL


  13. I am an oly child as well. I like those 2 baby suits and the room decor!!! You'll see: kids are the light of our lives!

  14. Wow, thanks for putting up that website with the names ~ how cool is that!

    And I love the pink panda theme for the nursery.

    Are you staying within a similar location for your next move, or will you be leaving the state?

  15. Hi Spg, Totally adorable selections for your coming new arrival! :) I don't have any advice since I have only one DS. I'd like to say Congrats again! Your family must be so so excited:) <3

  16. How old is your son again?

    Parenting advice from my virtual child program... You're gonna be busy with your new daughter, try to let your son help, or somehow be involved with the new process and the work you have to do instead of keeping them apart because of initial jealousy. Remind him about his role as big brother so he doesn't start crying and doing immature babyish things to get the same type of attention that your daughter is going to get from crying.

  17. Cat in Calico - I love it too!! I didn't even know Etsy carried that type of thing - people are just crafty beyond the confines of my limited imagination. I agree - even if I had something like that to share, I don't think I would. I wouldn't want to sully something they were so excited about. Aww, such a cute memory about helping your mom out - that's so sweet! LOL about your boyfriend's experience :)

    Kileen - Oh yes, I am SO glad we found that website! I can only read a few characters so books were pretty much out of the question. Plus, I love how logical the site is :)

    Gigi - Argh on having to nix one of your names! Thinking of names is hard enough without having to keep track of what's in rotation in the entertainment world!

    Elle - I felt bad for my hubby's friend! There are other weird comments too - like "Oh I knew a so-and-so, he was a jerk!" Um, why is that relevant? I'm going to have to look into Freakonomics - thanks for the suggestion!

    Fashion and Number - Aww, thanks so much! The good thing is that grandma lives with us and the other grandma is close by so we have loads of attention to spread around :) Thanks for the recommendation though - we'll definitely be mindful that at least one other person is solely focused on our son!

    LePetiteLemon - Aww, thanks! That's a good idea! We'll buy a present from lil sis and give it to our son when she gets home from the hospital :)

    Cee - Oh good to hear that you don't remember much because of your age! Our son will be 2.5 years old so he'll be in the same boat. We'll definitely be trying our best to give as much attention as possible but nice to know that if we slip up a little he won't harbor resentment his whole life.

    Aubrey - I hear ya - I just thought it was a bit rude that someone would comment that to hubby's friend after seeing how excited they were about the name. Kinda busted her bubble. It would be hard / impossible to keep track of every porn star name (and what about future porn star names?)! It's just easier to keep the name to ourselves so we don't get swayed by an albeit silly comment.

    Jessy - I really need to look into this book for the name correlation info!

    Lisa - Isn't it so cute? I love pandas and these are just so darn lovable! I can only imagine the cute clothes/accessories your little ones will have!

    Mimi - Thanks so much! It's so fun to shop for baby things!! We will definitely be doing the gift angle :)

    Victoria - Congrats on your pregnancy!! Can't wait to check out your blog and see how things are going!

    Francesca - Definitely! Our son is just the most precious treasure we could have ever hoped for and we are so thrilled that we are adding a daughter to our family :)

    Lee Ann - Definitely useful especially for "jook sing" like us :) We will most likely be leaving the state. Current lead prospect is back to Minneapolis which I'm actually very excited about. I loved it there!

    Hi Jen! Thanks so much! We are so happy and excited about Baby Girl! I just need to remember to relax and savor her babyness rather than stress out about every little detail like I did with our son :)

    Aki - Our son is 26 months and will be ~2.5 years old when Baby Sis arrives. So cool that you're learning so much from the virtual child program! Thanks for the advice :)

  18. awww i'm behind on my readings but i love this post. and i love that you're putting so much thought into the baby name + middle name. can't wait till the little one arrives <3 she'll definitely be a bundle of joy!

  19. My children are 2 years apart and when my daughter was born she had a camera all ready to hand to her big brother. This then helped him to be part of the excitement of all the picture taking because not only could he take pictures of his new baby sister but he also got a fair bit of attention because someone had to help him to show him how the camera worked and take him outside so he could take pictures of far more interesting things when sister pictures got boring. I also had a special container of toys that was only brought out at feeding time. This helped keep him occupied and kept the toys 'special'. He also had a doll that he could 'feed' while I was feeding his sister. All this stuff didn't have to work for very long, only until he realized that he was not going to be usurped by his sister. After a few weeks he was perfectly happy to go back to watching a video while I sat next to him feeding. He was a great helper with getting clean nappies and so on. My 2 are 18 and 20 now and love each other 2 death. They have moments of course but don't worry 2 much.

  20. Dear Rebecca - Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with me! Your story of your son and daughter is so touching and what a great idea on the camera!


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