Sunday, March 20, 2011

Meet My Baby Bump + LOFT Fitting Room Reviews

I have a very interesting post for you today.  I went to LOFT both last week AND this week (I just can't stay away).  When comparing pictures, I noticed a massive change in baby bump-itude!  You may think it's odd that I'm still shopping for non-maternity wear.  During my 1st pregnancy, I mainly wore my normal sized clothing - now granted, they were mainly tops in the following categories: voluminous wovens, stretchy knits / jerseys, and cardigans / blazers (unbuttoned) but 1). this really helped my ego and 2). saved me lots of money.  The only maternity garb I invested in were pants and skirts.  I mistakenly bought a few maternity tops - BIG MISTAKE - they were all so muu muu-esque that it made me feel much bigger than I was (which I did not need).

First, pictures of me from last week:  (L: OOTD, R: LOFT Ruffle top - can't find link)

Second, pictures of me this week: holy baby bump!

 LOFT Assymetrical Neckline Drape Dress, XS (buy here - solid color only)
Sorry about the fuzzy pics - apparently being pregnant also makes my camera hand shake!  I HEART the colors / print of this dress sooooo much!  The soft jersey material also makes it maternity friendly (post-maternity, I can belt it and wear it with cardigans or blazers).  I was THISCLOSE to buying it but I decided to use my $25 savings card on 2 sweaters instead.  From a size point of view, this is going to be super loose on anyone smaller than me and unfortunately, I didn't see this in petites.
Verdict:  Will wait for sale

LOFT Wide Stripe Boat Neck Sweater, S (buy here)
Stripes?!?  Sign me up!  I tried this on in both S and XS - both actually fit the same with a roomy torso.  The main difference was length.  XS looked very cropped on me whereas S looked more like a normal sweater so I decided sizing up was better for me.  Fit is pretty loose (even with preggy tummy!) so I'm guessing this is intentional.  Smaller ladies may want to try before buying as it will be an oversized fit.
Verdict: Buy - can't resist stripes.  Plus they had the BOGO 50% off promo.

 LOFT Crop Sweater Jacket, XS (buy here)
You can't tell in the photos (sorry!) but this sweater has the cutest nautical details!  The collar and pockets are lined with a navy/cream striped pattern and the neck features cute rope ties.
Verdict: Buy (same reasons as above)

 LOFT Draped Shell, XS (can't find online)
I love the print and draped ruffle detail of this shell!  I think this would look gorgeous with some muted gold pearls or cameo pendant on a long necklace.
Verdict:  Buy - on sale for $20 and accommodates the belly

I think my New Year's Resolution to watch my shopping has gone out the window at least for the month of March.  Darn you LOFT and your super tempting sales!  Did you shop this weekend?  How are you doing with your resolutions?


  1. omg! Congrats again!! :D I didn't notice it before, but from the side view, it is CRYSTAL clear that you've got a baby bump. ; )

  2. Holy moly, hello baby bump! What a big difference one week makes! The sweaters are a great choice. They look comfy and stretchy at the same time. Do you plan on wearing some of the same clothes from your last pregnancy?

  3. Congratulations!!!! OMG - you look great! How many weeks?

  4. Oh my goodness! What a difference in just a week! I'm one of those annoying people who gets really really happy when they see pregnant people... lol So, when I went in to Gap the other day, a woman who worked there walked up and asked if she could help me. And I tried to hold back, but I gushed "..*stammer* Oh, seeing baby bumps just make me so happy!" lol It's literally as though the filter from my brain to my mouth vanishes because I feel so overwhelmed. I know, I'm a freak. ^.^ Probably because I can't wait to have a little one of my own one day, they're just so precious.

    I really love that dress too!! And the crop sweater jacket :D

  5. Awww your baby bump is too precious! Congratulations!

  6. OMG! congrats congrats congrats!! i didn't know you were preggo congrats!!! omg your son is SOO FREAKIN' ADORABLE~~!! he's so cute!!

    love your baby bump pictures so cute!

    to answer your question yes i can fit everything i need into my new miu miu wallet.. the sarah was honestly too bulky for everyday use.. i think it was really bulky because it was patent leather so it also held it's shape really well after 2 years whereas most wallets after some time the leather softens and becomes more smooshy with use.

    congrats again!!! ehhhh!! can't wait to see more preggo pics!

  7. holy crap...haha, i agree with you. your baby bump did grow overnight.

    i love the shopping outfit from last week. i really like how you layered the shirt & sweater and then belted them both. nice touch with the necklace too.

    everything you bought is so cute. the shell is my favorite! i really like the print and looks like it will be a super versatile piece.

  8. Lol... can't believe that bump developed in just a week! Like Ping, I think the shell is my favorite too :)

  9. Wow, how quickly the bump grew...

    My favorite from your fitting room review is the last top, that print is so gorgeous!

  10. Congratulations SPG!! Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy!! :)

  11. OMG I LOVE that you're starting to show!!! This is so educational too LOL! You are so CUTE!

  12. I am happy for you, but pregnancy and babies really freak me out. The whole concept of another human being living inside me is rather off putting. If I were pregnant (which I never, ever will be) I would not consider shopping for clothes. I can't even do that when I have bad PMS and an extra 5lbs of water weight. I am amazed that you can shop in a rational mindset with an expanding mid section.

  13. again Congrats SPG! So so happy for you!!!! I love your tiny bump :D

  14. I can't believe I didn't notice it now, haha. I only see it from the side though. Glad you found some nice buys!

  15. Jessy - Thanks doll! LOL - yes, the side view is definitely telltale! :)

    Cee - No kidding, right? I didn't even think it was that big of a difference until I looked at the photos! I have some maternity bottoms that I'm re-wearing but I don't think I'll re-wear the tops - they are just crazy unflattering and no one wants to put something on that makes them feel worse. Know what I mean? ;)

    Petite Mom - Thanks so much!! I'm at 13 weeks now so 2 more trimesters to go!

    Aubrey - Aww, aren't you a sweetheart? I grin like a freak when I see a pregnant lady or a baby. You're not at all a freak - you are so endearing and though I just "met" you I feel like I kind of know you.

    April - Thank you! After spending the 1st part hiding my bump, I'm glad I can finally flaunt it! :)

    Lisa - Thank you! You are too sweet!! That new wallet of yours is just so gorgeous and blingy - I love it! I have a Koala wallet and I love all the compartments but I wish it were a longer wallet.

    Ping - LOL - your comment made me laugh! Thanks for the comment on the shopping outfit - I got the idea from Lucky magazine and was glad I had stuff in the closet to try it out :) I love the shell too and such a great deal!

    Liane, Elle - I could hardly believe it myself! :) I can see both of you rocking this shell with your ensembles - uber cute!

    Hi Jen! Thanks so much dear!

    Elaine - LOL - you are too funny with the educational bit! Just stop me when I start to ramble bc I can seriously go on and on and on :)

    Kerry - At least you know what you want in life! I know more than a handful of people who never wanted children but did so anyway and I just wind up feeling bad for the kids bc their parents are less than enthusiastic about them. I say do whatever makes you happy! For me, this is happiness. And I totally hate shopping when PMS-bloated but I'm proud of my baby bump so feel completely different about it. :)

    Annie - Thank you!! This tiny bump will become quite large soon! :D

    Aki - LOL! The bump is VERY apparent from the side and I think in the front too if you saw me in real life :D

  16. wow congrats!!

    I love the last Loft shell. My beer belly always looks like a baby bump I think I need to follow your hide the bump ideas from your previous post!


  17. Lor - Thanks so much! Even before pregnancy, I had a tummy so I know what you mean :)


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