Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cute Items @ The Limited (40% F&F Sale!)

The Limited is having a 40% off your entire purchase (even off sale items) both in-store and online this weekend.  One more day to shop!  I went to check it out today and found some cute things / good deals.  My favorite!  :)

First, today's outfit was purely about comfort, laziness, and warmth LOL.

Top: LOFT Multi Tier Shell, XSP
Cardigan: Banana Republic Oversized Knit Cardi, XS
Jeans: Boot Cuts from The Limited (they look a little weird to me now after wearing skinnies so much lately, but they are comfy!)

Blue Tweed One Button Jacket, XS, $36 after discounts
I liked the cropped cut of this and the fit was pretty good.  I would say this is a true-to-size XS instead of one that was more vanity-sized.
Verdict: Buy

What it looks like buttoned (though I think I prefer it unbuttoned)

Princess Sleeve Tie Jacket, XS, $36 after discounts
Like the tweed jacket, this fit pretty well but I wasn't in love with the puffy sleeves.
Verdict: No

Other items purchased but not photographed in the fitting room:
Flower Chain Belt, $8 after discounts

Covered Buckle Skinny Belt, Animal Print (think this color might be OOS online) $12 after discounts

I'm *trying* to hold off on shopping at the moment since I know I shop like a madwoman on Black Friday (but I'm not a wait outside the day before type - I'm more of the leisurely go in the morning or afternoon).  If I do shop, I'm trying to only buy things that are great deals AND that I love (though the Flower Chain Belt is more of a "like").  Do you participate in Black Friday?


  1. the blue tweed jacket looks so good on you!! and what a steal for $36!!

    as for Black Friday, i'm considering doing the midnight outlet madness this year. i did it a couple years ago and it was so much fun and absolutely crazy. the deals were also ridiculous. :)


  2. I don't buy xmas presents, so I seldom shop on Black Friday. Usually I do shop online to take advantage of any sales, but it is only stuff for me. In the past it has always been cycling stuff, but now that I am spending more money on fashiony things I probably will venture out and buy something.

  3. I really like the tweed jacket on you. The fabric looks kind of shiny, which is great for the holidays. The flower chain belt is SO cute! It's something I definitely would wear. Great haul!

    I've never participated in Black Friday before. The crowds turn me off and there just isn't anything I want badly enough. I might go in the afternoon or over the weekend though to see if there's anything left haha. But I am looking forward to it because I get to sleep in =D

  4. I love the ruffle top and the flower chain belt you've chose!

  5. i love your purchases!! cute tweed jacket and i love the belt. thanks for sharing...i'm going to check out their website. unfortunately we do no have a limited in sf!

  6. I agree with the ladies above- the tweed jacket is so adorable! And a great deal! I like the belt too!

    Darn it- I was at the mall and didn't stop in! Shoot! :)

  7. Great finds! I saw those belts which a few petites have posted about (since they are one size fits all) and I've been curious since! I know the limited sizes don't go down as low as Ann Taylor or LOFT so I browsed, but didn't pull the trigger during the 40% off sale.

    Yes I surely participate in black friday...are you near an outlet? Those sales start at midnight and they're the best!

  8. Kileen - Thanks! I LOVE outlet malls but I've always been terrified of the crowds. Maybe one day, I'll try it :)

    Littlenashua - I do quite a bit of Black Friday online shopping, but it's primarily for electronics (got a GPS and camera last year). You should check out the malls this year. I think last year Banana Republic had an extra 50% off everything up until noon.

    Cee - Thank you! I went to Best Buy ONE time super early in the morning and swore I'd never do that again. The ppl are nuts! I avoid all the electronics-type stores but the malls are a tolerable madness :)

    JenLovesBal - Thanks Jen! I just need to figure out what to wear the flower chain belt with.

    Ping - I bet you have much better stores in SF :) Definitely check it out online, but I do think XS might be pretty loose on you. The belts are probably a safe bet though.

    Really Petite - They had some cute dresses on sale that I think would look really good on you! I tried a few but I was not endowed enough to fill out the top LOL.

    PAG - I do recommend the belts. I was afraid the adjustability would get loose with time (purchased one last spring) but it still holds really well.

    I go to the outlet in the afternoons usually to avoid the crowds but it sounds like I need to try shopping at midnight at least once :)

  9. I got the tweed blazer (and the matching skirt) during their 40% off on halloween. I am so excited to try them. :) They look great on you!

  10. Thanks Elle - I just saw that you had a new post about it - going to check it out now! :)

  11. I actuallly thought the 2nd blazer looks pretty good on you... too bad the puffy sleeves had to ruin it :) I always get the Limited confused with Express, they both seem to offer similar kinds of clothes (and neither really fit me that well). I do remember buying things from Limited Too though *hangs head in shame* lol

  12. PXXS - Limited and Express definitely have many similar items! I remember a time when I could fit into Limited Too - darn my slowed metabolism LOL. I liked the 2nd blazer too but the puffy sleeves seemed a little prissy for me.

  13. Wow, this is some real good stuff! I am definitely going to recommend this page to my sister! Thank you so much!


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