Wednesday, September 8, 2010

LOFT - In the Fitting Room Part 2

Ok, so as you all know, LOFT added a few more items to their sale and extended the extra 40% off sale prices from Labor Day weekend.  One of those items happened to be the coveted Ruffle Front Cardigan.  I had this in my cart last night and when I was ready to check out, it disappeared.  But no matter!  I called nearby stores and had them hold one for me to pick up today.

I was originally planning on buying the iron grey in S for it's versatility as a neutral staple, but unfortunately, this had a big snag and the next smallest size was XL so it was  a no go.

Then I happened to find the turquoise in SP unceremoniously stuffed into the far reaches of the rack and wound up really liking the color - the fit was better than the grey too.  It's a keeper and on sale too for $32.99!

Aside from ruffles and flowers, I'm also a large fan of sparkle and beading details so I was excited to find this beaded tee in S.  It's a little loose but fitted enough to not look shapeless.  It's also a tiny bit lower than I like, but that can be fixed with one of those cami bras.  At $24.99 + 40% off, it was a completely justifiable  buy :)

And here is the green top from yesterday, but in XSP with a purple cardi:
Necklace: LOFT, sliced purple agate
Cardi: Simply Vera, Vera Wang @ Kohl's, XS
Top: LOFT, Drape Watercolor Print Cami, XSP, $18
Pants: Banana Republic, Ryan Fit, Sz 4


  1. That LOFT sweater is another popular item amongs petite community. It's really pretty though (especially the turquoise one). Great finds!

  2. Yes that LOFT sweater will be another item all the petites will be sporting! It looks great on everyone I've seen it on - glad you were able to find it!

  3. I ended up buying the turquoise ruffle front cardigan in PXS from eBay - I bought it on Sunday because I just made a very Ann Taylor-ish dress that simply begged for this cardigan to be worn with it; at the time it was out of stock on the Loft website. I ended up paying $43.99 plus shipping - not a great deal but in my head I was thinking "but it used to be $69".

  4. I love stuff from the LOFT! You look particularly cute in that beaded tee! :)

  5. Thanks PetiteLittleGirl and curls-and-pearls! I do love hunting things down when it comes to shopping (only if it ends successfully of course!).

    Littlenashua - I just saw your AT dress post and I love the combo of the LOFT cardi with it.

    Mrs. Glass - Thank you love! I miss our shopping together (even though I think it was only once or twice)!

  6. the beaded tee looks great on you, and sparkle and beading details is nice sometimes. :-)

  7. Thanks Sakie and Thomas! I do love my embellishments :)


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