Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dessert Crawl: Honey Toast & Shaved Ice

On the weekends, we tend to go overboard with eating.  And lately, we've been dessert-crazy.  At the moment, we are particularly focused on Honey Toast variations, Taiwanese style Shaved Ice, and perennial favorite - fruit desserts.

Fruit desserts - Sweet Indulgence, Millbrae
Watermelon Sago Dessert
This is my husband's favorite combo.  He said this was tasty, but that the sago was a little clumped together.

Mango Pudding w/ Mango Delight
This one may not be as visually beautiful as the watermelon sago, but it tasted divine.  Love the pomelo and jelly bits with a mango trinity of fruit, sauce, and pudding.

Mango / Coconut and Red Bean / Black Sesame
Can't seem to go wrong with mango at this dessert cafe - mango drink was delicious!  The red bean portion of the other drink was good - a tad sweeter than expected - but the sesame jelly didn't really taste very sesame-esque.

On to Honey Toasts!  When I originally saw these toasts, I was a little confused as to why a toast dessert would be appealing.  Toast is, after all, a pretty simplistic breakfast staple.  However, when you smush fruits and ice cream with familiar crisp edges and warm centers, toast becomes elevated to new realms.  Ok, ok, probably a little overdramatic there.  Net, dessert toast is yummy and makes my stomach happy.
Sno-Crave Tea House, San Jose - Banana & Chocolate Honey Toast
In most Honey Toast places, they tend to stick with vanilla ice cream so we appreciated the chocolate option (which we devoured) here.

Cafe Lattea, Cupertino - Black Sesame & Berry Honey Toast
This place is pretty awesome.  They've got cute Totoro / bear latte art, honey toast, AND milk tea.

Tea River, San Mateo - Macaron Toast Box
This was my personal favorite because they buttered all the little toast pieces inside prior to toasting it.  Given my affinity for butter, this was an easy win for me.  My husband, on the other hand, was not a fan.  He prefers Cafe Lattea or Sno-Crave.

Taiwanese Shaved Ice is another type of dessert I'd never tried prior to moving to CA.  It tastes like a hybrid of ice cream and a sno-cone.  This hybrid effect lulls me into thinking it's healthier for me :)
Sno-Zen, Mountain View - Rocky Road (for the kiddos)

Sno-Zen - Earl Grey Shaved Ice w/ Black Sesame Condensed Milk Drizzle, Mochi, and Toffee
I LOVE customizing my desserts!!!!!  The Earl Grey had a nice, delicate flavor and if they had offered me the option, I would have doused this with a river of that black sesame condensed milk (what a genius concoction).

Snowflake, Dublin (East Bay) - Almond / Black Sesame Shaved Ice with Toasted Almond, Red Beans, Popping Boba, Jellies, and Condensed Milk
One word - WOW.  I love how generous Snowflake is with their toppings and the flavor combos of everything shown here were perfection.


  1. Ok I have to got to say I love love love these desserts!!

  2. Wow! Amazing desserts. I'm especially excited about Honey Toast. It reminds me of how I used to make delicious sandwiches from hot toast and vanilla ice cream as a child.

  3. The honey toast looks so good. The name does it no justice!

  4. Wow looking at these makes me feel so hungry at 1am! I love asian desserts, especially most of them aren't as sweet so you can really taste the true flavors.

    Julia || Closet de Jules
    Recent Post: J.Crew Winter Peacoat


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