Thursday, July 10, 2014

SF Bay Eats: A Mango Treat & Filipino Fusion

We like to eat out.  A lot.  During the 4th of July weekend, we essentially bounced around from place to place trying different things and tried to stay "healthy" by cycling or hiking everyday.  We went to a chili cook-off, tried a new hand-pulled noodles place, filled up on some fried pickles, and discovered 2 new places in San Mateo.

First up, dessert :)

Super Mango Dessert w/ Green Tea Ice Cream @ Dessert Republic
A scoop of green tea ice cream (usually comes with mango ice cream, but I think the green tea / mango combination tastes better!) on top of a frozen mango concoction filled with fresh mango bits and aloe. Mango was perfectly ripe and the cool dessert was very refreshing for a hot, summer day.  Bonus, the green tea ice cream was very mild and creamy.  I've had other versions that impart a bit of bitterness instead.

Second, Filipino Fusion food at Attic:
Grilled Edamame 
Salty and smoky, this was a great little snack

Sesame Cucumbers 
But this one was my favorite app!  I loved the crisp crunch and the savory, sesame flavors.

Crab 'Butter' Fried Rice w/ Fresh Dungeness Crab Meat
The "butter" is tomalley - the soft yellowish / green substance found in the crab cavity - and it lends a very rich crab taste to the rice.  The giant scoop of fresh crab meat was delicious.  Unfortunately, my husband thought so too and ate most of it while I was still eating the edamame.  

Adobo Wing Lollipops
Had a nice crisp layered with a sweet and tangy Adobo glaze.  I rather appreciated the lengths they went to make each wing a lollipop shape :)


  1. I am officially craving Filipino food now. Also loving that green tea ice cream with mango dessert idea. Everything looks delicious!

    1. We LOVE the food scene out here! If you ever make it out here, I've got tons of recommendations :)

  2. I literally dropped my jaw when I saw the crab and rice! Good idea balancing the food with bikes and hikes. :)

    1. Hehe, thanks Michelle! Gotta work off the food in order to eat more :)

  3. That fried rice looks so good. So nice that you're near so many yummy eateries!

    1. Thanks Jane - this is definitely our favorite city to live in so far!


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