Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Japanese Comfort Food - Usagi

Japanese comfort food.  I only had to catch a glimpse of those words on Yelp and I was hooked.  I think I found a new haunt in San Mateo.

Salmon Sashimi
Their wasabi is awesome - you can taste fresh little bits of horseradish in it and it packs quite the punch.  Fresh salmon combined with the brininess of roe and intensity of wasabi make for a yummy appetizer.

Loco Moco
The most tender and juicy hamburger patty cooked perfectly (more like a meatloaf in texture).

Curry Pork Cutlet
The curry sauce also comes with tender stewed beef - bonus

Snow Crab Doria
Creamy, cheesy crab baked atop rice.  Could use a tad more salt, but was delicious nonetheless.

Japanese Mushroom Pasta w/ Dashi Broth
I heart dashi broth and their pasta is perfectly infused with it.  Major love for this dish though the photo isn't very good.

Green Tea Parfait
Did you know that corn flakes and ice cream taste incredible together?  I didn't until I tried this.  Must buy corn flakes!

Souffle Cheesecake
"Really?  You're ordering cheesecake too?" scoffed my husband.  But this is not just any cheesecake, who can resist a souffle cheesecake??  Fluffy, moist, and mild - highly recommend.

I've said it before many times, but I LOVE all the dining options out here!


  1. Can we also add this to the list for my next trip out west?! :) :)

    LOL @ A. Did you end up sharing? I don't know if I would've... hahaha

  2. Drooling! Everything looks delicious. <3

  3. Wow! You had me at salmon sashimi, the rest was bonus! Their Loco Moco looks gourmet! Yummy!


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