Sunday, March 9, 2014

Shopping Find: Fanciful Tweed Jackets

Quickie shopping post.  On a mission to find a belt for my husband, I walked past White House Black Market and spied these cute tweed jackets:

WHBM Tweed Jacket, Sz 00 on left, 2 on right, here
The one that lured me into the store was not on sale, but I loved the details on it.  I would say the sizing is similar to LOFT.  The 00 "fit" (AKA, I could button it without sucking in my stomach) but was definitely snug.  The next size they had was a 2 which was too roomy in the chest (story of my life).  A sz 0, had it been available, probably would have been my best bet.  
Verdict: No, but I love this style and will look for a 0 at other locations

WHBM Textured Stripe Jacket, Sz 2, on sale for $69.99, here
Ok, so stripes still draw my eye wherever I go.  Same kind of deal for this jacket.  The 2 was roomy in the chest and a 0 was not available :(

WHBM Embellished Trophy Jacket, Sz 2, on sale for $59.99, here
Same here as above regarding fit.  LOVE the pearl and chain details.

Overall, I'm pleased with the jacket offerings and will be back to check them out.  The sale jackets in particular seem like a pretty good deal considering the details / lining / fit (if you find your size).

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

As an aside, I have 4 New with Tags blazers and jackets for $25 + free domestic shipping in my blog sale:

Please email sewpetitegal (at) if interested.  THANK YOU!


  1. I love those last two jackets!! I especially love the stripes!

    A Petite Treat

  2. I also hear the siren song of stripes whenever I shop! Loving the striped jacket :) (and I totally have the same problem with size 2s, too...)

    - JP*

    1. Ah, a sister in sizing! Thanks for commenting and letting me know I'm not alone :)

  3. I love the stripe one. The other two are too fussy for me w/the details added. Cute to look at, though.

    1. Stripes! Glad you're as stripe-sick (go Gigi speak!) as I am :)

  4. i love the first one! now i want to go to WHBM and check it out!

    1. You should! I loved all the variations they had. Let me know if it works for you. :)

  5. these blazers are all really cute!


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