Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bites Around East Bay

So much food, so little time!  Today, I wanted to share some of my favorites around East Bay:

Salmone - Gianni's Italian Bistro
House cured atlantic salmon with shaved fennel, pepe verde, and lemon - yum!  Especially love the capers.

Salted Caramel, Black Sesame, and Lychee Rose Macarons - Creme Si Bon
Everything at Creme Si Bon is delicious, but my favorite is the lychee rose macaron.  The flavors taste so genuine, I'd swear I was eating a real lychee.

Rice Krispie Marshmallow Cookie - Creme Si Bon
Crispy, gooey, crunchy, chocolatey perfection.

Chorizo Burger w/ Boniato Fries - Havana
The fries are particularly tasty with bold garlic and a little hint of sweetness!

1/2 Price Mojito Mondays - Havana
But the main attraction for Havana are the many, many varieties of mojitos :)  Here we had pineapple and watermelon.

I think I'm hungry now...

Have a great week!


  1. My eyes a lot wider when I read your food posts!! That burger looks amazing! And I want that cookie with the pineapple mojito right now! :p

  2. Gah...this is making me drool....I hope you are well S and I really should come visit you ;)


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