Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Old Navy Fitting Room Reviews

Spurred by Jean's blazer find at Old Navy, I stopped by and saw some cute offerings.

Quilted Jacket, XS, here (in store price = $30)
Available in olive and navy, this is a really cute, warm jacket.  The XS fit perfectly and I loved the cinching option at the waist, detachable hood, and ample pockets.  The hem hits at the high hip.
Verdict: Came thisclose to buying, but ultimately knew that I did not need another olive jacket.  I may regret this, especially at the $30 price point.

Anchor Printed Crepe Top, XS, here
A great dupe for the J. Crew version a few seasons ago, Old Navy offers this in both white and navy.  The sizing seems to run a little big - shoulders sit low, collar is boat neck-esque, and torso is roomy.  I love the print and tab sleeves.
Verdict: No.  Was feeling cheap, but would purchase on further sale

Striped Color-Block Dress, XS, here
Um yeah, I couldn't resist the stripe combination and was actually pleased with this dress.  The material is a thick jersey - maybe ponte (I should have checked).  I liked that this curved in slightly at the waist to give a body skimming appearance.  The side view shows that it is also tummy / big lunch friendly - always a plus!
Verdict: No.  If I didn't have a stripe overload in my closet, I would have definitely purchased this.

Floral Printed Crew Sweatshirt, XS, here
This was one of those items that looked adorable on the mannequin, but kind of silly on me.  The XS fits fine, the style just wasn't "me."
Verdict: No for me, but is TTS

I didn't wind up buying anything for myself, but did get some great clearance items for my husband and E ($9.99 checked dress shirt, $3.50 basic tee, and $1.50 fleece booties).  I'm in closet pare-down mode so am pickier than normal.  If you have any interest in my primarily new with tags items, please visit my blog sale here.  Thanks! :)

Have a great week!


  1. LOL at "Was feeling cheap" This is so true...if I have already spent money on clothes within a close time frame, I usually shy away, even from a deal. It is good to stay selective if you are trying to lessen the excess in your closet.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement - helps strengthen my resolve :)

  2. I'm really mad at myself because I saw the exact jacket and it didn't say $30! If I had known I would have considered it. Also didn't know it had a detachable hood! I have to take another trip there because I'm looking for a lighter jacket when it starts to get a little warmer. Now I have to decide between the green or the navy. Thanks for the review!

    1. Hi Anna Marie - thanks! :) Hope you get it for the $30 price point!

  3. Replies
    1. It's cute, just not me :) You should give it a try though if you like it!


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