Thursday, November 14, 2013

LA: Food Whirlwind

I know I've mentioned this repeatedly, but I LOVE living in the Bay Area.  Not only do I get to enjoy SF, but we also get to pop down to LA on random weekends.  On this trip, we enjoyed:

Pretty Desserts at Bottega Louie - Earl Grey Macarons and Chocolate Soufflé
A ridiculously beautiful and open setting filled with the most gorgeous desserts.  We didn't have the time or stomach room to sample more, but will definitely be exploring this more thoroughly on our next visit.  I did pick up a bag of gourmet marshmallows in a variety of flavors to take home and they were heavenly!

Souper Shabu - Suki Yaki (brown one above), Kombu, and Miso bases w/ Angus Snow Beef, Fish Filet, and a Veggie Plate
Ping has awakened a constant craving for shabu in us so we were thrilled when we could take the whole family to experience it too.  Souper Shabu offers an astonishing amount of soup bases (15!) and loads of fresh veggies.  My favorite broth was the Suki Yaki - super flavorful.

Ink Sack - Mexican Chocolate Chip Cookie, Jose Andres, and Cold Fried Chicken Sandwiches
I have always wanted to try a Top Chef eatery and we were in the area of Michael Voltaggio's Ink Sack.  It did not disappoint.  The Cold Fried Chicken was our favorite, but everything used what seemed like the finest / freshest ingredients in flavor combinations we hadn't experienced before.

And of course, we never pass up a photo booth at a party…
The jacket I'm wearing is from H&M (66-0959 in Sz 4 - a new favorite) that I got for $15.


  1. Fun! I've heard a lot about Bottega Louie but have never been, and now I want to try Ink Sak too, never knew about it!
    Aesthetic Lounge

    1. I want really to try Ink Sak, too, but I think it´s not possible very soon as I live in Bavaria ...

      xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. MMMM......shabu shabu!!! And I bet that Voltaggio place didn't disappoint! Bryan Voltaggio has several restaurants close to where I live. Went to VOLT for anniversary like 2 years ago. Still one of the most memorable meals I've ever eaten.

  3. Oh man, those macaroons look delicious! Earl grey, yumm.

  4. The food looks delicious! haha I feel the same about photo booths. =)

  5. I always "mmm" out loud when I read your food posts. :) Your Mexican chocolate chip is making me crave a cookie right now!! Catching up on old posts...the Yo Gabba Gabba costumes are awesome!! :)


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