Wednesday, November 27, 2013

50% Off J. Crew Factory - Fitting Room Reviews

My manager looked around at the sparse group of people in the office today and announced we were all to take a half day off.  To celebrate, I went to the outlet mall to check out the early Black Friday sales :)

Girls' Factory Intarsia Bow Sweater, sz 14, $32, here
Since they didn't have the Women's navy version of this sweater, I picked up the Girls' instead.  Sometimes Girls' tops are boxy or too short, but this one actually fits like a Women's XXS.  A good option at a lower price point.
Verdict: Came close to buying this, but ultimately didn't feel like I really loved it

Intarsia Big Bow Sweater, XS, $44, here
You can see the Women's XS has longer sleeves and a slightly longer / roomier torso.
Verdict: No for me

Collared Peplum Top, sz 0, $20 on clearance in store, here
Cute concept and great price in store.  The peplum is low-profile with just the slightest hint of a flare.  For that reason (and my rectangular torso), I don't think it looks very flattering on me.  Would work better for other body types. 
Verdict: No, not flattering

Printed Bow Neck Top, sz 0, $38, here
Very cute!  I loved the retail version last year.  This one seems to run a little big in the chest and torso.  I'd recommend sizing down.  
Verdict: No.  Material is primarily synthetic (I think the tag said ~90%).  For that reason, I think the price is still a bit high even after 50% off.

Black Watch Plaid Blazer, sz 00, here
This particular blazer seems to fit like retail Schoolboy size 0.  There are many people who look fantastic in plaid blazers, but unfortunately I look comical in it. 
Verdict: No.  Just can't pull it off.

Placed Lace Tee, XXS, $20 on clearance in store, here 
(the lace pattern on this seems different than pictured online so this may be a different tee?)
This is a very cute tee and it fits well throughout, but the material is insanely thin.

It is so thin that you can see the blazer tag right through it. 
Verdict: No, thin material means I have wear a cami underneath and I'd prefer not to in a form-fitting tee

Merino Charley Sweater, Burgundy, XXS, ~$30, here
This color is so gorgeous in person and I very nearly purchased this, but felt like XS would give me more breathing room to mask a big lunch (important for me).  Unfortunately, they only had XL and XXS in store.  It looks like you can order all the sizes online, but it's backordered until January.
Verdict: No, need to size up

See Gigi's IRL pic guide here for more reviews.

I didn't wind up buying anything for myself, but did purchase some items for my husband and son.  I wonder if they'll have any additional promotion for Black Friday in stores?


  1. Do you find that the Factory Crewcuts runs larger in the 14 than the regular version? I buy Crewcuts knit tops occasionally but I usually find the regular sweaters to not work for me in the chest. I haven't looked at the Factory offerings yet but it sounds like a good option.

    1. Hi Teri! I'll have to admit that I don't try enough Crewcuts to get a good sense of Factory vs. Regular, but it did seem like this particular sweater in 14 was longer and roomier than the Houndstooth sweater I bought here ( For Women's sizing, I have found that Factory seems to run a smidge bigger so this might be the same for Girls' sizing as well. Hope that helps!

    2. Thanks! It does. Seeing Crewcuts on someone else definitely helps.

  2. Do you still have a picture/remember the tag of the Placed Lace Tee? I ordered it online and it looks really different than the one you tried on. I'm hoping that it is a different style and has a different item number. Thanks!

    1. Hi! I unfortunately do not have a photo of the tag :( When linking, I couldn't tell for certain if it was the same tee - I may have made a mistake and noted it above.

    2. Thanks! I hope it is a different tee. Great review!


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