Sunday, October 6, 2013

J. Crew Factory Fitting Room Reviews

I heard about J. Crew Factory's 40-60% in store promo, and like always, felt compelled to go check it out :)

Warmspun Herribone Jewel-Collar Sweater, XS (here)
I actually DIY'ed the retail version here earlier this year, but was still excited to try the Factory version. The XS seems a little larger than typical J. Crew sweaters in XS (reference the XS sweaters below) so depending on your tastes, you may want to size down.  The sweater composition is a little on the scratchy side.
Verdict: It's a lovely sweater, but even at 40%, it was more than I wanted to pay.  Will wait for further sale.

Jeweled Necklace Top, XXS, (here)
Bring on the jewels!  XXS fit well - not too tight, not boxy, didn't billow in weird areas to make one appear pregnant.
Verdict: Still feeling cheap, will wait for further sale

Factory Beaded Sweatshirt, XS (here)
I was delighted to see a factory version of this sweatshirt!  It fit well throughout, but something about it - maybe the shorter length - seemed to make me look wide in the torso.  I prefer the retail version here.
See also on Gigi.
Verdict: No, not flattering on my body type

V-Neck Sweater in Colorblock Stripe, XS (here)
I rather liked the pops of green on this sweater and it fit pretty well.  Ultimately, I have so many stripes in my closet that the colorblocking wasn't enough to warrant the purchase.  BUT it is a very cute sweater and it was in the clearance section (sale + additional 40% off) so this may be a good option for others.
Verdict: No, I have similar items already

Silk 2-Pocket Blouse, XXS (here)
It's strange that the online version shows color-matched buttons while all the store versions had white ones.  I'm actually not a fan of white buttons on colored shirts, I find the contrast to be a bit jarring.  I did really like the fit of this shirt.  It had a nice drape and fit slimly without being tight.
Verdict:  Liked the fit, but ultimately would prefer a more emerald green

I didn't wind up buying anything in store, but did wind up ordering this Charley Anchor Sweater online.  Hope it fits well since it's final sale!

Be sure to check out Gigi's recent JCF reviews here.


  1. thank you for these reviews, S!! i appreciate them so much since i don't have stores near me! xo

  2. great reviews! i really like the anchor sweater you ordered online! i agree that i wish the silk pocket blouse came in a darker emerald green.

    cute & little

  3. Thank you so much for the reviews, S! I love that sweater on you, but I love your version more :-)

  4. I love the Factory Beaded Sweater! I saw the Grey one in the J. Crew Store, but the hefty price tag.. I just couldn't justify it. Thank you so much for the reviews! :)

    1. I agree on the price tag! Maybe we can both get it on further sale :)

  5. The anchor sweater will be cute! I never saw that one in-store. I didn't even notice that the online pic of the green silk had green buttons. I totally prefer when the buttons match the blouse. The white ones *are* jarring. Great reviews, per usual!

    Thanks for the link love!! Have a couple of baby questions & will try to email you later.

    1. No thanks needed - your reviews are top notch and I VERY much appreciate them. You rock, Gigi! And yes, please ask away via email or whatever :)

  6. I don't know if I should thank you or curse you for these reviews ;P I don't want to drive all the way to Factory, but this is really making me reconsider...

    Did you find any of the sweaters itchy? I think the Jeweled Necklace Top looks really, really good on you!

    The anchor sweater looks super cute, looking forward to seeing a review of it!

    1. HAHA!! The jeweled sweater was kinda itchy, but I've found that the Charley sweaters usually feel very soft and smooth :)


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