Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Food Coma

We had friends in town this weekend for a wedding in Napa and spent most of the weekend stuffing ourselves / sightseeing favorite areas around the Bay.

Day 1:

  • Shanghai Dumpling King - Shanghai Juicy Dumplings (xiao long bao - pork and crab versions) and Sugar Egg Puffs (food pics here)
  • Hakka - 2 Egg Yolk Crabs + Pumpkin
  • Golden Gate Bakery for egg tarts (pics here)
  • Hiking on Lands End Trail (pics here)
  • Golden Island Cafe - Dessert Sampler and Mango Pancakes
  • Hot Pot Garden - Spicy Miso and Tonkotsu bases recommended by Ping :)

 Hakka - Egg Yolk Crab and Pumpkin
You probably can't tell from this photo, but the plate was 4x the size of a regular dinner plate.  The other restaurant patrons looked impressed that the 4 of us were so crab-enthusiastic.

Wandering around Chinatown (I think this was a Chinese movies store on the same block as AA Bakery on Stockton), we happened upon a store with green tea candy wrappers taped to their window.  Of course, I had to try Green Tea flavored Crunch bars!  I like it more than the Kit Kat version due to the extra crispy bits.

Golden Island Cafe - Dessert Sampler: mango sorbet, coconut sago, toasted almond ice cream, fresh fruit medley

Mango Pancakes - essentially a crepe filled with whipped cream, mangoes, and sesame.  The sesame + mango combo made for a delicious combination!

Hot Pot Garden - Spicy Miso and Tonkotsu Soup Bases - so GOOD!

Tray of proteins 

Day 2:

  • Hiking in the foothill trails
  • Snowflake for Taiwanese style shaved ice
  • Napa wedding

Snowflake - Pink Lady: strawberry shaved ice with popping boba, litchi jelly, fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce

Snowflake - Milk Tea: MT shaved ice with mochi, red beans, mixed jellies, crispy chocolate bits and condensed milk

Napa - Admittedly, this isn't a very detailed photo but the wedding was absolutely beautiful and the bride was stunning in her Vera Wang mermaid dress.

I blurred out our names, but aren't these place cards adorable?  Great logistically too to let the servers know our meal choice.

Pretty floral centerpieces and homemade spicy caramel & bacon popcorn courtesy of the bride and groom

1st Course - perfectly seared scallop over polenta

2nd Course - Sea Bass w/ Mushroom Ragout

Ice cream bar (love!!) featuring handmade cones with chocolate tips

I was so full, I couldn't even try the wedding cake!

 Day 3:

  • Orenchi for ramen
  • House of Silvanas - frozen Filipino treats reminiscent of macarons (pics here)
  • Daiso in Daly City - huge Japanese $1.50 store
  • Palace of Fine Arts - such a beautiful place for pictures!
  • Mango Medley - dinner & dessert (dessert pics here)

Orenchi Ramen options

Smoked Salmon Spring Roll

Ahh, such rich broth!

Mango Medley - Clam & Bacon Pasta in Sake Cream Sauce

Mango Medley - Green Curry Brisket

We had a blast with our old friends and visiting our favorite places.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. can you do a post on how you maintain your amazing figure? this all looks SO GOOD!!!!

    1. HAHA! I don't :) But thanks P, that's kind of you to say!

  2. Can't wait for you to take me to all of these amazing places bc DROOL!!

  3. Gourmet foods galore huh? Everything looks delicious!

  4. omg! i had no idea they made green tea crunch! i gotta look out for that! i'm obessed with anything green tea.


    1. I was little kid level excited when I saw that candy wrapper ;)

  5. Oh my goodness that food looks good. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend. And all good wishes for your newly-married friends.!


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