Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Food Coma

We had friends in town this weekend for a wedding in Napa and spent most of the weekend stuffing ourselves / sightseeing favorite areas around the Bay.

Day 1:

  • Shanghai Dumpling King - Shanghai Juicy Dumplings (xiao long bao - pork and crab versions) and Sugar Egg Puffs (food pics here)
  • Hakka - 2 Egg Yolk Crabs + Pumpkin
  • Golden Gate Bakery for egg tarts (pics here)
  • Hiking on Lands End Trail (pics here)
  • Golden Island Cafe - Dessert Sampler and Mango Pancakes
  • Hot Pot Garden - Spicy Miso and Tonkotsu bases recommended by Ping :)

 Hakka - Egg Yolk Crab and Pumpkin
You probably can't tell from this photo, but the plate was 4x the size of a regular dinner plate.  The other restaurant patrons looked impressed that the 4 of us were so crab-enthusiastic.

Wandering around Chinatown (I think this was a Chinese movies store on the same block as AA Bakery on Stockton), we happened upon a store with green tea candy wrappers taped to their window.  Of course, I had to try Green Tea flavored Crunch bars!  I like it more than the Kit Kat version due to the extra crispy bits.

Golden Island Cafe - Dessert Sampler: mango sorbet, coconut sago, toasted almond ice cream, fresh fruit medley

Mango Pancakes - essentially a crepe filled with whipped cream, mangoes, and sesame.  The sesame + mango combo made for a delicious combination!

Hot Pot Garden - Spicy Miso and Tonkotsu Soup Bases - so GOOD!

Tray of proteins 

Day 2:

  • Hiking in the foothill trails
  • Snowflake for Taiwanese style shaved ice
  • Napa wedding

Snowflake - Pink Lady: strawberry shaved ice with popping boba, litchi jelly, fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce

Snowflake - Milk Tea: MT shaved ice with mochi, red beans, mixed jellies, crispy chocolate bits and condensed milk

Napa - Admittedly, this isn't a very detailed photo but the wedding was absolutely beautiful and the bride was stunning in her Vera Wang mermaid dress.

I blurred out our names, but aren't these place cards adorable?  Great logistically too to let the servers know our meal choice.

Pretty floral centerpieces and homemade spicy caramel & bacon popcorn courtesy of the bride and groom

1st Course - perfectly seared scallop over polenta

2nd Course - Sea Bass w/ Mushroom Ragout

Ice cream bar (love!!) featuring handmade cones with chocolate tips

I was so full, I couldn't even try the wedding cake!

 Day 3:

  • Orenchi for ramen
  • House of Silvanas - frozen Filipino treats reminiscent of macarons (pics here)
  • Daiso in Daly City - huge Japanese $1.50 store
  • Palace of Fine Arts - such a beautiful place for pictures!
  • Mango Medley - dinner & dessert (dessert pics here)

Orenchi Ramen options

Smoked Salmon Spring Roll

Ahh, such rich broth!

Mango Medley - Clam & Bacon Pasta in Sake Cream Sauce

Mango Medley - Green Curry Brisket

We had a blast with our old friends and visiting our favorite places.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. can you do a post on how you maintain your amazing figure? this all looks SO GOOD!!!!

    1. HAHA! I don't :) But thanks P, that's kind of you to say!

  2. Can't wait for you to take me to all of these amazing places bc DROOL!!

    1. :) Getting close to moving now, right?

  3. Gourmet foods galore huh? Everything looks delicious!

    1. So. much. food. Been eating too much lately!

  4. omg! i had no idea they made green tea crunch! i gotta look out for that! i'm obessed with anything green tea.


    1. I was little kid level excited when I saw that candy wrapper ;)

  5. Oh my goodness that food looks good. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend. And all good wishes for your newly-married friends.!


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