Sunday, September 1, 2013

J. Crew Tweed Front Merino Sweater Review & DIY Inspiration

I really loved the concept and look of J. Crew's Tweed Front Merino Sweater...

Such a pretty color combination and love the functional pockets!

but felt like I had fit issues in my typical XS.

So tried on XXS and looked wider somehow...

This sweater is built on the boxy side so I would recommend sizing down 1 or 2 sizes.  I think the structure of the tweed plus the boxy shape can make for a poofy belly look on certain body types (like mine).  Otherwise the shoulders and sleeves fit well without being too tight or loose.  Also, the black version is much scratchier than the gray, so if you go for black, wear something underneath.
Verdict: Sadly not for me

Not finding my perfect version, I decided to make this:
J. Crew Tweed Front Inspired DIY

UPDATE: Tutorial is posted for the J. Crew Tweed Front Inspired Top


  1. Nice! I can see you make a little waist on your DIY!

  2. I will be watching for this tutorial!

    Also a question, I was shopping for boots this weekend and was so disappointed that nothing fits properly on my calf. Everything is too big. Do you know any boots that run really narrow? I've found Audrey Brooke boots run somewhat narrow but are still far from a good fit.

    1. Hello! Ooh, I actually have the opposite problem for my calves (big and muscular) so unfortunately don't have any recommendations personally, but I know other petite ladies have done some boot reviews:

      Hope those help!

  3. Amazing!! Your DIYs are always so inspiring!

  4. Crazy good! I love your version. The colors look great for you. DIY rockstar!

    1. Thanks Gigi! I've been dying to use this "peacock tweed" for ages and finally found a good project!

  5. Hi SPG,

    I had the same problem you faced! I loved the tweed sweater but was too boxy for me. Can I ask where you bought the fabrics? I was going to Britex in SF city. I have never sewn anything in my life but am seriously considering to follow this tutorial :)


    1. Hi Chloe! I purchased my tweed at Hancock Fabrics a couple of years ago, but they should have tweeds in any fabric store. Britex has a tendency to be pricey, so I would recommend going to Fabrix, Fabrics R Us (San Jose), or a regular Joann's for a first project. Hope this helps!

    2. Thanks I will check those stores out.


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